Thursday 30 July 2009

A mouth like a circus

The amazingly clever Circusmouse, who had a premature divorce with CairnsBlog some time back, still produces shocking visual satire.

Followers will remember the outrageous October 13th instalment, that unfortunately didn't get us in court to please explain. It was timely to perfectly coincide with Anna's visit to the far north to sell off the airport and not build a hospital.

The cartoon enjoyed a healthy number of comments by many who didn't get the strap-on metaphor, least of all Labor supporters.

I see Mr Mouse has myself and Thomas Dingo Chamberlain confused. Thomas wouldn't be seen dead reading a Blog. He prefers pictures and going to girly bars with Val's executive assistant.

Tell Circusmouse that we miss him over here where all the scoundrels hang out.

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