Wednesday 29 July 2009

Mandela writes

This just in. Glad someone is scamming the scammers, but it's reassuring to be dealing with a Mandela. Boy, they're getting innovative.

  • martin mandela

    date: 29 July 2009 19:43
    subject: Attn: Sir/Madam.

    Attn: Sir/Madam.

    This is to notify you that, We organize crime dictactive here in south Africa government, have recovered all the money you was defrauded by scammer’s here in south Africa, but we need to confirm that you are the original person that was defrauded.

    In this case, we need to confirm the particular amount of money you was defrauded by criminals here in South Africa. We need to know the year and month the business last with them, we also need the names and phone numbers, which you use to communicate with them during the time they defrauded you.

    We need those information’s from you to enable us confirm that you are the real person, as you know that we have all the information with us, but we need to confirm from you first before we can made the payment to you , as you know that people use another person information and collect money from our officer, so try and furnish us the requirements above to enable us believe that you are the very person we have his/her information in our payer office.

    We have this information through our detective computer that dictated criminals, as you know that we are near to host the world cup 2010 in our country South Africa, that is more reason why we want to show the world what we are up to, and also for the world to know that our country don't hide criminal's.

    We recovered too much huge amount of money from the scammer’s and we have paid about 15thousand victims, so hurry up and send us the information above to enable you collect your fund which we recovered from the scammers, and must of the Scammer's are from West Africa been Nigeria and others.

    Mr Martin Mandela

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