Saturday 25 July 2009

Cairns Post gets a junior reporter

Cairns Post editor Andrew Webster, formally of the Innisfail Advocate, is taking a few days off following the birth of a bouncy baby boy on Thursday.

Shay and Andrew have named him Joseph.

I wonder when he'll ask Roger Dickson to clear his desk out for the new recruit? I mean, the computer will be at the perfect height.


Arthur Festerbestertester said...

if anyone wants a Compost laugh, have a look at the airhead drivel in the No Thinking Allowed column on page 30 of the current edition (W/E July 25 2009). It's a hoot!

The Warrior Supporter said...

We don't need to hunt for an old edition of the Post for a good laugh. Just a review of YOUR posts here is enough!

Frequent flyer said...

I submitted this the following letter to the editor about 10 days ago. Of course it hasn't been printed but maybe this may alert blog readers to yet another CP bungle.

"I write to warn readers of this paper that the published flight arrival and departure times are consistently incorrect.
The inaccurate entry of my elderly mother’s arrival time from Brisbane left her sitting alone and worried at the airport for half an hour having manipulated a heavy suitcase from the carousel unaided. Her return departure time was advised four hours later than her ticket stated. When mentioned to desk staff at the airport I was told that the Cairns Post was kept updated of the correct itinerary but did not care to print it causing much concern for travellers. (Correct details can be accessed on the internet, but not everyone has a computer, particularly elderly people).
This, plus the present disarray of the airport itself, is less than community friendly, not to mention the added workload of enquiry for airline staff.
What is happening to the Cairns Post? It is, or was, a local friendly paper initially dealing with local people and local issues. This surely involves assisting locals and also knowing many of them particularly those prominent in the area. After seeing wrong names in articles, wrong names on photos and now wrong flight details, can we believe anything we see or read in this paper? Your response please editor".

You've guessed it...there was no response.

KitchenSlut said...

July 25th is an old edition of the Compost? One would have thought it was the current weekend edition as stated by Festerbestertester?

Perhaps Warrior Supporter exists in a different dimension where an alternative calendar has been promulgated?

nocturnal congress said...

I was thinking the same thing, KitchenSlut......

Veritas said...

The Warrior Supporter as well as CBD Warrior are illiterate. It seems they both mistook (W/E July 25 2009) for Wednesday instead of Weekend. As usual they are half That's why us Bloggers don't take them seriously.

Veritas said...

Furthermore, when is the Cairns Post going to feature their frequent retractions with the same fanfare and page exposure as the articles in which those errors are made?

The sensationalised article/s that contains the error/s usually are to the front of the paper whereas the correction and alterations are burried somewhere toward the back section.

Where are the proof readers these days? Why are not the 'facts' verified before people's reputation are tarnished?

Come on Bloggers lets take the Cairns Post to the cleaners!

KitchenSlut said...

Veritas, if you want a guide of how retractions should be done try this link:

Have to cut and paste sorry no time to stuff around with hyperlinks.

B.S. Whitworth-Socket said...

@veritas: "Where are the proof readers these days? Why are not the 'facts' verified before people's reputation are tarnished?"

Newspapers don't have proof readers anymore. Seriously. They were done away with years ago when computers took over from the compositors and proof readers who set the type in hot metal and then checked the final result.

Proof readers have gone the same way as steam train drivers, service station driveway attendants, corner shops, the Leyland P76, railway guards in the caboose, honest politicians, Nescafe and straight TV celebrities - into oblivion.

Oh, was that last one a bit homophobic? Sorry, I thought it was ok to make fun of people on this blog for the way they were born, like being short of stature? Seems to be a recurring jibe of yours (Mike) with Roger the Dodger Dixon. (No I am not he.) He is actually very tall for his size and I am sure you are just jealous of the dashing figure he cuts about town.