Tuesday 21 April 2009

Poor winners and Demolition Desley

Yesterday afternoon, Bryan Law I dropped into Desley Boyle's electoral office to congratulate her on winning re-election. He left her the following note:

"Dear Desley,

Congratulations on your re-election as the Member for Cairns.

As you know I'd have liked to see things different, and made my little contribution to that effect. Sadly the effect was a bit limited. You did well, and turned out more realistic about the electoral impact of the Yacht Club v Finances.

I think you did well around the signs too, tactically speaking. You know, in the two days after the election I got three different messages, all purporting to be sourced with your campaign manager, that now I was going to be complained of to the Police. I can only wish.

I can't accuse you of being poor losers, because you won. But I do wonder if there's a category for "poor winners". If so, you may have some candidates around you. Please weed them out - before you end up in a courtroom with me discussing the finer points of roadside propaganda.

I think you performed well as a seasoned politician. Rats!

I look forward to the next election.


PS: Just before 9.00 pm this evening, I was paid a visit at home by two CIB detectives who gave me the attached notice. I'm to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court charged with something over $1,000 wilful damage to 86 signs belonging to the ALP. Talk about your poor winner.

Naturally, I intend to defend myself, and to question Desley Boyle and her campaign manager about the election, the signs, the Yacht Club, and the nature of political contest in a democracy. I can't believe they're giving me the opportunity.

NB: Come along to Court, 5th May, 9:30am. Bring sandwiches and corflutes.


Bryan Outlaw said...

You broke the law, Bryan Law. Now the law is going to break you. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Your whinging and blaming it all on others is typical of your attitude towards the community.

I guess it was easy for CIB to find your dole-bludging arse, sitting at home watching productive people conduct their lives. Face it mate, you've pissed away what could have been a productive life. 54 years old and you've accomplished bugger all.

Bonnie said...

And your accomplishments are Mr Outlaw????? Please don't include your constant troll like snipes as one of them.

Bob Rendall said...

Good on you Brian, The Yacht Club demolition was simply to sell public land to fund the bankrupt Brisbane government and bugger Public opinion for its retention. Media tart and Brisbane controlled Desley Boyle will probably now be telling us we need more of the same waterfont high rise development to Reinvigorate the dying CBD. No parking or local venues unless your idea of a good night out is an overpriced tourist meal or the family friendly Casino By the way wasn,t Desley before her the election saying defacing election signs was just harmless fun ? Amazing how quickly arrogance returns when re elected.

Democracy Speaks said...

Say Bob Rendall,

It's wrong to claim "public opinion" supports your position on the Yacht Club, on building waterfront apartments. This may be the "public opinion" of a nutty minority like you and Bryan Law, but clearly the public has spoken. Desley Boyle was made "responsible" for the Yacht Club by her public statements, as well as Bryan Law's vandalism. And yet she was re-elected. That's what representative democracy is all about. YOUR VIEWPOINT LOST. It's over. Stop whinging about it.

I'm really starting to get disgusted with the viewpoint that says "we're right, and even though the public voted the other way, we're still right". YOU LOST. Get over it!

Clifton Ratbag said...

The Cairns Post in their first sentence describes Bryan Law as a "serial protester".

Not "environmental activist". Not "great humanitarian". Not "Cairns do-gooder". Nor "political activist". Not even "unemployed former taxi driver".


Your mother and unknown father must be so proud.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

I wonder at times if Bryan Outlaw is indeed Bryan Law's doppelganger - a scary thought. Or whether B. Outlaw is Quickie's d.g.? A much scarier thought.

As much as I love Mr. Law's persona, passion & sense of the anarchic ridiculous - I do reckon, instead of defacing so many of Desley's corflutes - & the buggers are about $60 a pop - he could have had 6/12 of his own made with a Yacht Club protest - I would have contributed. I liked the design Bryan, and I love a little election creativity with the corflutes, as this Blog so ably illustrated with the last election, BUT, you did bugger up quite a lot of Desley's corflutes.

The way the inflow to this town is sorted (I will not use the word "planned", as the Evil Council Planning Department do in NO way plan things - they merely facilitate for developers) - if you put a couple of corflutes near General Aviation (Northern Beaches), Ray Jones Drive & Balaclava Rd (southern Cairns residents) you've just about got it sorted.

In fact, I would ask further candidates for any further elections of any type in Cairns, to hold off of the corflutes a fair bit. I find it INCREDIBLY boring to look at the same faces, repeated again and again on the highway for weeks before an election. It's always a relief after election day (whoemver wins) NOT to have to look at these endlessly repeated boring images.

As far as Democracy Speaks above - well, yeah, they did get re-elected, but against what? I really don't think anyone thought that Springbored & Co. could properly, cohesively & cogently form a government - especially with a Global Financial on board. There are many things wrong with Qld Labor - their arrogance would be one major Issue - but a lot of things do work in this state.
But, I think for anyone, especially the Labor Party, to claim they have the 'mandate' from the electorate is bulldust. There was just no other party that seemed up to the challenge for the times. 'The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't know', as my gorgeous Mum used to say.

Jonathon Kirk, City View said...

Clifton Ratbag, you should be old enough now not to take hardly anything in the Cairns Post - aka ComPost, with an ounce of respect or validity!

The fact that they refer to Bryan as a "serial protester" - yet every day the have biais news and dodgy reporting (NewsLtd Pauline Hanson pix!!), would mean that you could hardly believe they are in any posistion to be an oracale of truth, let alone hold community opinion to label any one individual.

However, if you indeed do think The Cairns Post knows what they're talking about and has correctly labelled Mr Law, then this simply says more about you, not the peorson both you and the ComPost are attacking.

Clifton Warrior said...

Clifton Ratbag is known as a strong critic of the "establishment", and that has in the past included the Cairns Post.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. In this case, his comments on Bryan Law are exactly correct. We often criticise the shallowness and incompetence of our local politicians. So too many of our local "community activists" are shallow and incompetent. No one meets this description better than Bryan Law. A shameless self-promoter, nothing more.

John, Kuranda said...

Tried to butt out of this one but finally gave into temptation.

My first issue is not with what Bryan did but with is around the availability of the corflutes to do it to. Why does CRC allow each candidate so many of the damn things? Other local government authorities place restrictions - for instance 50 per candidate.
Although sitting here on my verandah in Kuranda I am not a CRC ratepayer, I would dare to suggest that CRC should consider such a move. Perhaps the Mayor's birthday gift back to the ratepayers?

Secondly, I do not know where the ALP got their corflutes from, but if they did pay the price Lillian suggests, then I reckon they got ripped off. The LNP corflutes, produced locally, with the price of the stake added, cost $19.69 per unit, including GST. So Bryan, feel free to take that on board if they suggets that the value of the corflutes was otherwise.

Thirdly, you have to admire the pluck of the ALP team and the luck of the defendant. In the circumstances, giving Bryan a venue for his protests is a strange decision by the ALP. Had the boot been on the other foot, I would not have urged such a decision. In the end, more people probably noticed Desley's corflutes just to see how many were in fact, "enhanced". I know I kept a watch out for the geographical extent of Bryan's activities within the Cairns electorate.

Now that the sun has set on this election, let the thoughts of mice and men turn to the Federal election due next year. More fun and games for everyone.


The Warrior Supporter said...

Clifton Warrior is quite right. Let there be no doubt - Val Schier is mayor because of the hard work and intelligent opposition to KB mounted IN CLIFTON BEACH. Had Clifton Beach voted with a similar split to the rest of Cairns, we'd be looking at Byrne for another five years, not Val. This is how responsible community activism is supposed to work.

Bryan Law on the other hand has accomplished nothing. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH. KAPUT.

He does get his name in the paper, though. Clearly his primary motivation.

jabba said...

love the Warrior Supporter's "We are your savior" spindoctoring

The swing was on from Babinda to Port - do you really think it was Clifton alone that got rid of the evil empire?

Intelligent hard working sand people should go read the stats...

Janine Aitken said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Janine Aitken said...

Everyone on this Blog should by now know, that while I supported saving the Yacht Club, I didn't support Bryan's method, in fact I was one of the more out spoken on this issue at the time it happened. But I must say I am disappointed that these charges against Bryan Law weren't raised at the time.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Woah, Clifton Warrior. Marg Cochrane didn't win the Yorkeys Knob booth - she lost it. Paul Matthews won. Marg picked up votes elsewhere. We would have been quite content to not have the Forked Tongue herself back for another couple of years.

So, Clifton Beach, although you people do it tough - jeez, I drove through there the other day & the Glencorp development is gigantous -it wasn't only you lot who were unhappy in the Northern Beaches, a lot of us were, and still are.
And Janine Aitken - OF COURSE Desley didn't issue any legal challenge to Bryan buggering up her corflutes during the election - she's been in politics too long to do that. Much better to go after him after the election has been run. If Deso had gone after him during the election, the Yacht Club & alienation of all those voters would have been picked up. So, it's much easier & better to do this.

Wendy Richardson said...

I've been out of cyber-contact for a bit so have been wryly amused to read the various comments above just today.

Glad so many people from all sides have noticed the 'political savvy' of Desley Boyle and the Labor Party generally.

All that generosity and forgiveness about the damaged corflutes before the election was carefully constructed to take any 'sting' out of the issue, till now.

Politically, its referred to as 'starving the issue of oxygen'. Don't talk about it and the general public won't notice or at least will forget about it.

People should be aware of this behaviour in a much more diabolical avoidance by Labor of any comment on a very important issue though: the State's debt! Not the budget deficit - its debt.

Bligh and Fraser have amassed over $75 billion in borrowings in just 5 years BEFORE the global economic crisis kicked in. And what have we got to show for it?

There was NOT ONE WORD right across Qld about this from any Labor politician anywhere to explain or defend this.

Yes, congratulations ARE in order; for a campaign that was so disciplined in telling only what they wanted you to hear.

It fooled the people yet again, but I'm not sure you should be so happy about that, 'Democracy Speaks'.

I rather like the quote from Winston Churchill "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."

Democracy of course assumes that all voters are fully and objectively informed in order to make a rational decision.

Again Churchill is spot on with this quote: "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."

While I applaude many people for trying to consider their options before they vote, unfortunately many are still awfully naive.

Democracy Speaks said...

Wendy, don't misunderstand. I agree that a large part of the electorate is easily fooled. However many of or problems are created by the inadequate political system we've got, and refuse to adapt. The Americans for all their faults have a much better system in place. Things like:

No compulsory voting. The naturally apathetic and uneducated don't feel forced to vote anyway. One can argue that the incumbents are usually pushed over the line by the forced vote of the ignorant.

Local control over Police, Fire, Schools. We have a hugely unproductive public service in these areas as state governments transfer talent willy-nilly around the state. We just lost a great police detective Mick Dowie to the Gold Coast. How long will it take someone new to get "up to speed" on the local crims? We rarely have a superintendent more than a year or two. Local control over these services is vital.

Separation of powers: Having "legislators" also as "the executive" means pollies are put in charge of departments they have no education or training in. And having the judiciary appointed and managed by the executive (the politicians) is no wonder we hate all the judge's decisions.

Democracy can't stay static. We need MORE democracy, not less. Many of our problems are created by this stale parliamentary system that values "party line voting" more than anything else. In US legislatures, rarely are there "party line" votes. Because in the bicameral US-type system, legislators are only rewarded with reelection by representing their constituents and making deals on behalf of their districts.

MORE DEMOCRACY is the answer.

Jackie Flash said...

Wendy, Quoting Churchill is fine, just watch out for his rant about gassing the Kurds.

Quickie said...

I fail to see the difference between "willful trespass" and "willful damage".

Both are law breaking activities and should be punished to the full extent of the law ...

Do Labor Party supporters really think there are two sets of rules ... ?

One for them, and one for the hard working, tax paying rest of us ???

Noj Nedlaw said...

Well if we are quoting

I believe Gough Whitlam once said:-

“The punters know that the horse named Morality rarely gets past the post, whereas the nag named Self-interest always runs a good race.”

Wendy Richardson said...

Hmmm .... interesting comments guys/gals. Hey Mike, maybe we could run a 'your favorite quote' comp. Seems like you'd have a few takers.
Wondered if anyone would get excitable about my TWO quotes from Churchill....
Yes 'Democracy Speaks' - more democracy would be wonderful. Love good blogs like this one for thst reson it provides the opportunity for people to debate issues. Just need the rest of the world to join in now.

Gretel said...

Easy does it Wendy, you've only been back in Cyberland a few minutes and you're trying to run the show.
ps. you looked pretty hot in those tight jeans on polling day

KitchenSlut said...

Good to see you back Wendy!

However todays council shennanigans bring back recollections of which small town Machiavelli it was who was behind the ridiculous "irrational" games surrounding the Neighbourhood Centre in the Barron River electorate? With mates like that who needs enemies?

My opinion on ALP tribal psychology and pathetic local representatives is pretty brutal. As Churchill may have said of Desley Boyle "never in the history of Queensland politics has anyone so empty and vacuous (not even under Joh)managed to stay in cabinet so long".

However the fact remains that the filthiest political elements of our local community (otherwise known widely as the Cairns Boys Club)are aligned with the LNP.

Even those mostly ideologically aligned such as myself are going to balk with any support until this Augean stable is mucked out.

His Wife Who Knows Accurately The Truth Regarding These Things said...

There seems to be some confusion. Bryan Law works as a taxi driver and also works parenting a child. It's odd that his work status is so facinating for some. And odd that so many claims are made regarding it on this blog. What do these claims mean? What are their intent? How are they connected to the issues. You guys should come round for dinner and actually meet us. We're fairly ordinary and respectful really.