Thursday 30 April 2009

Quick website slow to come

LNP strategist, Dennis Quick, who was mayoral assistant to Kevin Byrne (sorry, but he's going to have that title for life), plans to re-launch his dormant CairnsWatch website and blog soon.

It has been down over the last few months, whilst Dennis was co-ordinating the LNP election office.

"The re-launched website will be re-branded as Northern Watch," says Dennis. "We will broaden our focus on issues around the whole region."

The new name is rather similar to the popular right-wing Northern-Truth blog, written by outspoken Lance Royce, who was ostracised by the local LNP last year.

I can't wait. ;-)


Joe, Gordonvale said...

I had dealings once with this little man.He is a arrogant,bad
mannered person.
He was lucky at our meeting that I
did not sit him on his tail,what saved him was the fact that a young
office lady was nearby,and I did not want to upset her.I was surprised to know that Quick was still in the area.

S. Northy said...

The social graces of a rutting warthog.........