Friday 24 April 2009



Syd Walker said...

Of course, Val's opponents are also entitled to free coverage by the media. All political coverage should be free, unless clearly labeled otherwise.

Political discourse is not the plaything of the PR industry. Thanks to independent journalism, we have a chance of keeping it that way.

Incidentally, did anyone hear Michael on local ABC radio this morning, debating a couple of rather consescending 'mainstream' journalists?

One of them had the gall to draw a distinction between blogging and 'objective journalism' (i.e. the Murdoch media, ABC etc). That is rich. Do these folk really believe the nonsense they spout?

No discussion, as expected, about the Murdoch's media's virtual monopoly over the print media in Queensland/FNQ. Yet a Brisbane-based representative of the Murdoch media spoke about 'the press' in Queensland as though it's a vibrant, competitive industry. What a joke.

In FNQ, print media diversity is on a par with the Soviet Union in the 1970s. The difference is that whereas in the Soviet Union everyone knew the newspapers were centrally controlled, most citizens here aren't aware of it.

The impact of this media centralization is most serious in the area of foreign policy. It helps explain, for example, Auustralia's groveling support for Israel's incessant acts of oppression and our Government's continuing support for bloody overseas wars that no-one's quite sure why we're fighting anymore, if they ever were... But it is also corrosive of democracy at a regional and local level.

If only our Federal representative was a fearless individual with the true interests of the electorate at heart. He/she would demand the Murdoch media's print media dominance in FNQ is referred to the ACCC.

Over to you, Jim Turnour.

Syd Runner said...

More commie commentary by our REDSident lefty, Syd "I'd rather be riding a free government train rather than" Walker.

There is NOTHING stopping you or any of your lefty buddies (both of them) from starting your own newspaper. You're free to do so, understanding of course that this is considered "work"" by Centerlink. I seem to recall alternative newspapers in Cairns, including at least one with coverage of council. You'll have to ask them why they didn't survive, but as I understand the owner of at least one of those rags is now working for the Cairns Post.

An ACCC investigation into any so-called "monopoly" fails at step one, Syd.

Go back to sleep.

Syd Runner said...

Oh and Syd, I do agree with your characterisations of Jim Turnour. He's a cipher on a good day, a typical product of the lefty machine that I'm quite sure garnered your vote (if only because your greenie buddies made a deal with them). Even is own sister has disowned him! He frankly could only have gotten elected if he was running against and even more doltish, inexperienced, and mannishly lesbian opponent.

And oddly, that's what they put up against him!

nocturnal congree said...

Do I detect the stench of sour grapes of a failed candidate coming from Syd Runner's poison pen?

KitchenSlut said...

Syd Runner old boy,

Perhaps you should reconsider the comment about Jim Turnour being 'disowned' by his sister Jennifer Marohasy if you have any self respect?

Rather than being disowned she actually acknowled Jim and was present by invitation at his first speech. I am not a political admirer of Jim Turnour, however such ignorant false and malicious slurs should not be allowed to go uncorrected. I have previously posted on Jennifer at Kitchenslut.

Your brainless comments even manage to transcend all party lines on their tastelessness, which is actually unusual on Cairnsblog but not a surprise for anyone whose life has been touched by the obscenity of the Cairns Business Boys Club. Boys and immaturity being defining characteristics here.

My own heterosexuality should be irrellevant to any defense of your subsequent offensive and inaccurate description of one of my very vest friends. Should I politely disagree or go in swinging? Perhaps you are simply jealous, Syd Runner, that she has a stunningly lovely partner and you subsequently feel emasculated as you lie awake at night in impotent soft fantasy?

nocturnal congress said...

I pick up a copy of the Socialist Workers Party newspaper on Fridays at Rustys Markets. Damn good read too.

Karl said...

Syd Runner, make sure you have a good look under your bed before you tuck yourself in tonight with your John Howard Teddy.