Wednesday 29 April 2009

Racist former MPs husband guilty

Back in November 2007, I published the terribly racist leaflet that former federal MP Jackie Kelly husband was involved in with a smear campaign.
He has now been found guilty of distributing the dodgy leaflets, in the days before the November 2007 Federal election.
Kelly's husband, Gary Clark, who was then MP for Lindsay, along with a Liberal Party official Jeff Egan, were also charged along with four others for circulating the leaflet.

Egan was ousted from the Liberal Party after the leaflet controversy, however was permitted to return early last year, but resigned a month later.

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Syd Walker said...

Poor Jackie Kelly. She was only trying to do ride the wave of Islamophobia others had made respectable, from Little Johnie War Criminal himself to Rupert the War-Tout.

It seems unfair when petty copycats get caught out like this. If I was the Judge, I'd require Ms Kelly to wear purdah while working as a barmaid in local pubs. Her bodgy partner, Mr Clark, should clean urinals at footy matches dressed as a Mullah.