Saturday 25 April 2009

The King is being deposed!

Gavin King's weekly tirade in today's Weekend Post will soon be all over, bar the shouting. And giggling.

Gavin is moving on from his role as the Post's Chief of Staff, and his popular opinion column. I suspect this may well be part on new Editor Andrew Webster's plan to make his on stamp on a paper widely criticised by the community it serves.
However, he won't be leaving town, contra to a number of unsubstantiated police reports, but will be writing for the Sunday Mail.
All the staff at CairnsBlog, our writers, photographers, even the tea lady Sally-Ann, wish Gavin the very best in his next career move. We're all just so delighted that we had the chance to share his puberty years with us.


Unknown said...

Thanks God for that. He must have been the most untalented "journalist' the Cairns Post has ever employed. The fact that he thought that he was "humorous" shows that he was seriously deluded as well. Good riddance !

S. Northy said...

Oh hallelujah! The bird's on the wing and God is in his heaven, or whatever.

Dutchie said...

If this means we have to put up with Carter's dribble from now on then God help us again though!

What a silly column today - if that's what it is supposed to be?

She should focus on writing children's fairy tales and leave adult talk up to adults.

Can't the Cairns Post just hire some mature minded people that actually have something sensible to say?

S. Northy said...

Brilliant thinking Dutchie. I wonder what half matured, whey faced adolescent armed with a degree in "journalism" gained from cutting and pasting skills or because Daddy donated heavily to a cash strapped university, "The Post" will employ?

Syd Walker said...

You mean informed local commentators who have enough time and resources to investigate issues relevant to this region and provide balanced, insightful comment to the community, Dutchie? Writers who stimulate debate - even policy change - on issues that cry out for more well-informed public scutiny?

It sounds like a good idea to me. I might even start buying the Cairns Post again if it happened. But on past form, I think it unlikely.

Why doesn't the current editor have a blog anyway? I thought one role of an editor was to provide editorial commentary? Where is it? Does it come only with the dead trees version? Or does he have nothing much to say?

Dutchie said...

Syd, don't say such scary things!

To tell you the truth, I am not particularly interested in the editor's opinions. If anything, it's better if he had no opinion so we have more of a chance of hearing about more than one side of a story.

And if the editor has nothing to say, that's fine, that's better than trying to fill 2/3 page (equals, what? something like $1500) with garbage.

Cameron Laird - Photographer said...


Any idea where King is headed? Sure he's not headed to Townsville to take up the new position advertised here?

Constance Lloyd said...


If you have been a very, very good boy, you and the rest of Townsville, may get our Gav.

Lucky you!

nocturnal congress said...

Did anyone read Carter's fairy story drivel today? Sheeeeesh.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Hallelujah that G. King has gone - we ought to find out where so we can warn them, or his new employers. Alexander & King - both gone, absolutely bloody marvellous. I reckon if the new Editor, Andrew Webster, is as intentional about producing a good newspaper as he has indicated, we might be in for a bit of reasonable journalism with the ComPost again. Mind you, he can definitely get rid of that Carter woman - I couldn't make out at all what she was on about on Saturday. I have only read one other of her columns, about six weeks ago, & it was drivel. Who is she? Does she live here?
I heard from a good source too, that Andrew W. actually chucked King out. And a good thing too, if he did. Keep it up Andrew, if you're reading this - & get rid of the Carter woman. She's a waste of newsprint.
And Andrew, whilst we're at it - would you mind removing the Really Really Big Pictures off the front page, & restore some articles to said page. Many of us in Cairns are indeed weary of the tabloid trash aspect that the Post has become with Mark Alexander at the helm.
Gavin gone ..... jee, I feel an extra spring in my step today.

Unknown said...

McKenzie was wondering today on his show why his favourite column didn't appear in the Cairns Post last Saturday.He is forever plugging King's pathetic column and King in turn has agitated in the paper against units being built in McKenzies street.Build them anywhere, just not in John's street !Strange that his mate didn't inform him why he left. The Cairns Post has been announcing for a few days that King would publish his take on the "Council Cash for Comment" affair, so maybe the article got pulled ? It is criminal that the Cairns Post devotes several pages to mindless drivel by the likes of King and that women whose 'articles" are completely unreadable.

Constance Lloyd said...

So it beggars the question Nick, if there is also a positive cash for comment alliance between 4CA and Cairns Post? And as I don't often listen to 4CA and McKenzie in particular, is it disclosed?

Does John McKenzie say anything that he is not actually paid to say?

Unknown said...

Nothing is for free I think, nothing is disclosed, except that "so and so" is a program sponsor after an ad dressed up as an interview.

I think there definitely is some sort of alliance between McKenzies show and the Cairns Post

S. Northy said...

Carter's column gets saved for the dogs vomit!