Sunday 12 April 2009

Google knows all

Here's a lovely letter I received today, from ....
  • Hi there Michael,

    My wife and I went overseas 34 years ago for 6 months, I have carried a large carton with 80 boxes of Kodak slides around ever since from room to flat to several family homes, retiring and moving to Cairns 4 years ago.

    I decided to scan the slides into my computer and send them to our children. WHY?

    After all those years I had forgotten what place was what, there was a pic of me buying ice creams in an unknown place.

    One night I awoke with a bright idea and started up the computer, I enlarged the slide to read the shop signs behind me , I saw an antique dealer sign and entered it into Google and found the dealer was still in business and was in Cardiff Wales, that box of slides was solved , another was of my wife buying strawberries from a street vendor, place unknown.

    I enlarged the slide and saw the name of a hardware plumbing store, I checked the name on Google and sure enough the company was from Grenada Spain and the hardware store is still in business another few boxes accounted for.

    I have used this process a dozen or so times now, just another useful aspect for Google, where would we be without it?!

    CAIRNS, Queensland

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