Friday 10 April 2009

Single, but not desperate

If you're single, would you wear a badge to publicly let everyone know this?

The entrepreneurial folk at Yes, I am Single certainly hope so, in what has to be the most crass marketing opportunity to surface in years. For $23, you can tell everyone that you're on the market.

"You can use the badge to attract a person of the opposite sex," the service states (what about the gays?).

They also say you can use the badge, on the bus, train or ferry; at the gym; at the pub or at a restaurant; at the shopping mall; at the theatre or cinema; while walking the dog; on vacation or at a sporting event; on a bucks/hens night when out with friends; at the beach (dunno where you wear it?); or at church.

I'd like to see the places you should wear such a badge, like at your wedding breakfast; during an argument with your other half, or a funeral, which I hear is one of the best places to hook up.

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Syd Walker said...

The $23 badges are very tacky and no self-respecting single would been seen dead wearing them.

CairnsBlog should market nicer badges to discerning singles. I suggest a range starting at $10,000, so no riff raff wear these up-market statements of personal availability.

Of course, some people are so naturally repulsive that even the nicest badge cannot overcome their inherent disadvantage. In those cases, powerful belt magnets are probably the answer.