Sunday 26 April 2009

Open wide

It's about time for some niceness.

Following Cairns Regional Council's vote to include 'new media', I thought it only proper to thank those who made it all happen: our Councillors!

Last thing on Friday, whilst they were studiously beavering away in the third floor meeting room, writing next year's budget, I dropped off a bundle of presents to Krystyn, the Mayor's secretary.
I gave each Councillor, included the CEO and Media Office, a nice air freshener, to hang in their office or car.
"Thank you for your support to welcome in 'new media' including independents and bloggers," I wrote in the accompanying card. "You'll be ushering in a breath of fresh air."
Already Councillors Nancy Lanskey (try saying that backwards at three in the morning outside Sapphire!), and Linda Cooper have responded.
"Thank you very much for the gift," Linda said. "I see you have taken a lot of time to find me a card with lovely shoes and bags on it. When I first saw the present you must have thought that I smelt, but then I saw your card!"
I gave a extra gift to Councillors Cochrane, Bonneau and Gregory, who did not vote to open up Council media to the new breed of un-ethical, dodgy, low-down press scum. I thought long and hard, how to recognise their unique contribution to the democratic process.
I purchased them all a nice ceramic bowl with a citronella candle, complete with a box of matches.
"This will keep away those nasty bitie pests," I wrote as a postscript.

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nocturnal congress said...

Yeah, I reckon some of them Councillors will be real glad to see you and Royce there mate, real glad.