Monday 13 April 2009

Word of Mouth forum unveiled

My Facebook friend, Tanya Brooks-Cooper, who is a Youth Development Officer at Cairns Regional Council, tipped me off abount another great local web service has arrived on the scene.
Cairns Word of Mouth forum is to promote business's that deserve it. You can also leave comments about those that don't.

Marty and Bec from Hot FM are involved in bringing it here.
Like Kitchen Slut's blog, I love the idea of being able to shout out about the good the bad and the ugly from our region.
I'll add this to my links list on the right-hand sidebar.


muse78 said...

I went to Pesci's restarant today and had the worst treatment ever!

The owner was abusive and agressive because we wanted to pay separately with the bill...We all knew what we had..just a matter of adding it up and charging us one at a time!
This is quite a common thing to do with large amounts of people and large bills!
We actually got it down to two transactions and just needed to have it totted up and put through...he carried on and after taking out money told us to "get out"!

This is great for our tourism! You'd think that local restaurants would want to keep their local patrons happy...I've been going there on and off for years, but never again! I'll take my business elsewhere from now on....


KitchenSlut said...

Oh dear! Lou must have had a shocker! Yet another display of abysmal service in Cairns which further destroys our brand!

Although .... unless you have some nostalgic fetish for the old Pescis prior to the tragic Pier redevelopment I dont understand beyond maybe a lunch special why anyone would crave a big night out at Pescis anyway?

Pesci's is an establishment dedicated to a culture of mediocrity and culinary boredom for those too timid to experiment beyond the known establishments?

It represents what's wrong witb Cairns rather than what it could dream to be?

BUT! The split bill thing is always problematic and KS knows this from being on the wrong end as a customer of picking up the leftovers at the end of the night for others as the last payer! Any innovative suggestions?