Tuesday 28 April 2009

The Police are in the right

Just weeks after reinstating the 'Keep left unless you're overtaking' rule on the Northern Beaches Captain Cook Highway, it seems many still haven't got it.

It's been a subject on CairnsBlog I've raised previously, and is the cause of much angst for road users that are forced into passing on the left had side, while some sod is trailing along listening to Macca's talk back and using his mobile telephone.

Late this afternoon, Police Constable 109 KOT, was doing the same thing, but with added speed. As he crossed the 80k zone on the Barron River Bridge, he topped 103k. Then north of the Holloways roundabout, reached 121km, all in the right hand lane. There was no siren on board indicating he was off to a heist in progress at the Smithfield Deli.


Defender of the Police said...

121 Michael?

And you know that. . .how? You packin' radar, Michael? Or just makin' shit up again.

I for one want them driving from call to call as fast as possible; it's efficiency at work.

If you're unhappy file a police complaint, and STFU.

tom asquith said...

Every K over is a killer!!!

Debbie said...

Naughty naughty! Taking photos while driving! Something I've done myself at about 100k/hour, but I was on a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere.

Michael P Moore said...

No Debbie, my passenger took the pix.

As for 'Defender'.. well, not really worth responding to that, is it?

Voice of Truth said...

From the angle of the picture, it sure looks like it was taken from the driver's position.

john connor said...

yep, looks like your passenger (the one weilding the camera) must've been sitting on your lap.

cmon mike. safety first.

Johno rams, Bayview said...

crikey listen to all you whingers attacking the author of your version about how this photo may have Bern taken... All the time ignored what thjis wretched cop was doing !! Are you people that ignorant???

Sammy j - cairns cbd said...

Since when have u lot loved the cops this much when they break the law? Seems like it's simply an attack at this Blig, yet again. All rather boring and predicable. Why don't people debate the subject presented? I know, you can't because you like attacking people, makes you feel more superiour.

Sammy j

Dutchie said...

I feel particularly superior when someone makes as many spelling mistakes in a post as you, Sammy J. A cop I presume?

Noj Nedlaw said...

I for one do not deny the right of the police, ambulance or fire service to break the speed limits. In fact it’s something that I expect them to do. BUT only when there is an emergency. And in these circumstances, where limits are not being observed and in a way the public is being placed at risk, then certainly the red and blue lights should be flashing and/or the siren wailing. I cannot see any evidence of flashing lights in the photograph supplied.

I recall a recent news story, (Drink-drive police face the sack) about police drinking and driving our esteemed Police Commissioner highlighted that currently over the limit cops cannot be dismissed under current regulations. I think that that story emphasized the need for our police to be seen not to abuse their positions within the community. If in this case speeding was occurring not in relation to a crime, then it certainly begs the question why.

As for the debate about who took the picture it is quite possible that the driver of the vehicle (and I assume that was Mike) was changing lanes so that a better shot could be taken.

Unknown said...

Im with defender (well sort of)

Its a bit rough to say they did 121km/h without being able to prove it.

However also, i was previously told by a cop that when the are responding to a call they are advised if its a light/siren situation and what speed etc - im not sure if this is still the case.

I'm a Road User, too said...

As Mark points out, this is typical Michael Moore copper bashing, pure and simple. 121km? How do you know?

And the photo could only be taken by a passenger IF YOUR CAR WAS DRIVING DOWN THE CENTRE OF THIS TWO LANE HIGHWAY! And you would have been pulled up if that was the case. This was clearly taken by you, driving.

Blogs generally fail when the owners assume they're "smarter than their audience". You're not.

Fairness said...

Mike, just replying with "As for 'Defender'.. well, not really worth responding to that, is it?" only shows reluctance to communicate. Avoidance, how about you address the matters relevant to the discussion.

And I must also support the questioning of your measurements. Was this with your own radar? Or just your own car? Police very rarely take speeding offenses so strictly, they normally round to the nearest 5kms.

And I know from my previous interests in joining the service that at times they are allowed to speed with out lights and sirens. May have changed now.

And the picture does seem suss.