Wednesday 29 April 2009

Cut that out

UK actress Keira Knightley stars in this shocking domestic violence advertisement, that has been banned as it's too violent.
We see loads of shocking violence and explicit USA crime dramas on TV, but important community service adverts like this are blocked.
It's two minutes long and was made for TV and cinema, for the charity Women's Aid. Joe Wright, who worked with Knightley on Atonement, directed this piece.
Hat Tip: Frog Blog


Jude Johnston said...

NZ show some powerful ads on TV reflecting child abuse, alcohol excess, Road Toll. Recently there has been an ad showing a family group and friends all enjoying a party at home. One male is playing with a young child, swinging him around in the back yard. It switches to later in the evening when the same male has had too much to drink and is again swinging the young child around, this time with the sad consequence of the child's head being bashed with force against a book case/wall unit. Not that you see that, it is left to the imagination. Another was of a child sitting in a highchair screaming while watching his parents argue and fight. It was about "breaking the cycle of domestic violence".
Some years back a series of ads were run, emphasisng road deaths on Country Roads. It was run like a serial, where the actors were portrayed as the family, parents, friends and partner of the young man killed in a car crash. This was run for several weeks leading up to the crash and the subesquent family devastation.
I guesss the Jury is still out on whether these sort of ads do any good, however, if the ads lead to discussion surely that can't be a bad thing.

Leo Perkins said...

That was a really effective TVC for its purpose of raising funds. Very emotive.

But that is all it does, raise funds. It's not there to to stop domestic violence