Tuesday 14 April 2009

An open letter to Her Majesty The Queen

Self confessed Neo-Fascist and Greek Orthodox, Paul Patty, spent Easter weekend writing to the Queen. Not just any Queen, our Queen.
  • 12 April 2009

    Her Majesty The Queen
    Buckingham Palace
    London SW1A 1AA
    United Kingdom

    Your Majesty,

    I address You in Your capacity as Queen of Australia. I begin by congratulating You, Your Majesty, on what has been a truly glorious reign. You have overseen a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity with a continual grace and dignity. Indeed, it is this praiseworthy history which makes the subject of this letter all the more unpalatable.

    I wish to express my concern over recent developments in that most loyal of Your colonies, the Commonwealth of Australia. As You will be well aware, we are on the whole humble, honest and law-abiding folk, however, these traits notwithstanding, radical elements fester in all social strata. These swine, while enjoying the splendid rights and freedoms which You have bestowed, would seek to drive You from Your throne!

    It is indeed worth remembering that on 5 September 2008 Her Excellency Ms Quentin Alice Louise Bryce, AC Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, on Your appointment and during Your pleasure, did swear that she “would well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law, in the office of Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia,” and would “do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of the Commonwealth of Australia, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.” So help her God!

    To this oath was Her Excellency sworn and to no other. Accordingly, recent comments attributed to Her Excellency have merited a degree of reasonable concern. What an equally peculiar and repugnant situation we are confronted with, that Your constitutionally mandated representative should be barracking for the traitors in the public domain!

    If the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is to be believed, and I believe that it is, on 2 April 2009, (not one year since the oath was sworn!) Her Excellency made the quip that “[a republic] is part of the development of our democracy in future decades.” When questioned whether she agreed with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s assessment that Australia would become a republic within the coming decades, she replied “I think that that will happen in the future, yes.” Let me assure You, Your Majesty, that no such ambition lies within the hearts and minds of the majority of the well-natured but dim-witted laypeople; this is a conspiracy born and bred purely in the blackened brains of the Bollinger Bolsheviks! A more contemptible gang of marauders and swindlers our colony has never seen.

    Inquiries must be made as soon as possible to determine without doubt the allegiance of Her Excellency. If her conscience be true, let that be the end of the matter. On the other hand, if, as the evidence suggests, the Governor-General and the Prime Minister are in cabalist cahoots, then ruthless and forceful action must be taken to isolate and remove this cancer before it paralyses the Commonwealth. A replacement composed of a thicker moral fibre and equipped with the necessary gumption would be required. Someone with the tenacity, courage and conviction of character to guide the Commonwealth through this terrible crisis and place the colony back on a firm, loyal and righteous footing.

    These storm clouds threaten dark days ahead. However, I trust that Your sound judgment will prevail and that the forces of loyalty and honour will trounce those of division and disgrace, and that we, as Your subjects, will continue to enjoy the awe-inspiring wonder of the liberties which You have so benevolently bestowed - so help us God!

    May He by His divine grace save You

    Paul Victor Patty
    PO Box 102 Spring Hill
    Queensland, Australia 4004

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comtesaintgermain said...

This is news in Cairns? Paul is a good friend of mine, he's hilarious.