Thursday 16 April 2009

Connecting with Cassowary Coast

Cassowary Connect is a great local website that I've just discovered, serving the Cassowary Coast.

For those countryphobes, the Cassowary Coast region stretches from Innisfail to Cardwell and includes Flying Fish Point, South Johnstone, Silkwood, El Arish, Kurrimine Beach, Mission Beach, and Tully.

The website is home-grown by locals for locals, and of course, visitors, launched by by Susan Bishop and Debbie Schiel in early 2008.
"It started out as a local site for events, jobs and classifieds in the Cassowary Coast, and our aim was to make a packet from ads and live financially happily ever after," Debbie laughs. "A year later it's morphed into a free not-for-profit online events guide maintained by myself."
There's also a news section. "It's a sort of a blog, but I'm not sure I have the courage to speak as freely as CairnsBlog does," Debbie says. "Don't forget us little folk down south."

The events calender can even be delivered to your mobile phone.
And watch out for those large, over-weight lazy creatures wandering across the roads down South. You know the ones I mean.

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Thanks for the review Mike!