Thursday 9 April 2009

Broughton town blocks Google

The residents in a tiny English village of Broughton, Buckinghamshire, made a human chain to stop Google taking pictures of their homes for Street View.
They fear burglars will use the images.
Local resident Paul Jacobs, ran out of his home and told the driver he was invading privacy and also facilitating crime.
"I don't mind estate agents taking pictures but this shows people how to get in and how to get out. I was determined to make a stand so I called the police," Jacobs told the Daily Mail. "If our houses are plastered all over Google it's an invitation for more criminals to strike."
Google say that photographing on public land, and the fact that Street View blurs out faces and rego car plates, they're not breaking any laws.
Street View has now been completed in nine countries, and now it's the conservative UK's turn, with 25 British cities launched online in March, and remaining town being photographed now.

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