Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Sun shines out of her...

The poor cousin of NewsLTD's Cairns Post, the Cairns Sun, this week picked up the mantle of bums and tits.

After a two week void of a page three girl in the Post, the Sun stepped in to fill the void of below average journalism. Such 'stories' are always vague and empty, and are accompanied by a large sized provocative photograph.

The letters to the Editor in the Sun are always a delight to read. Every one is infamously, yet carefully crafted, from standard issue media releases. They read like a well-oiled party political broadcast. I wonder if the Council pay for them?

Oh, we can always depend on NewsLTD (and the Cairns Roast), to give us a regular feed of graphical smut, in lieu of any community news, like there's not enough stories to tell.


John, Kuranda said...

And when there really is a deserving "page 3" - such as the Townsville lass selected to represent Australia at the Miss Universe cattle market competition; her walk needs improving and her accent is too Queenslanderish.

Struth - why can't we just like a shiela as she is?

John, Kuranda said...

Just to clarify, I don't think that about her walk and talk, but the pageant promoters apparently do.

Tony Hillier said...

What do you expect? The Sun rarely shines. It is edited by a photographer, contains rehashed press releases and puffs, publishes spurious letters and is crammed with advertorial and ads.

It did actually show some promise a few years ago, when it seemed to be a kind of repository (graveyard?) for ComPost hacks who displayed genuine community knowledge and interest, sometimes even (god forbid) investigative zeal. But in recent years, it's gone to the dogs.