Sunday 19 April 2009

Zipping around Cairns' Blogs

Here's a quick whip around some of our local Cairns' Blogs...
  • Paul at The Cairns Roast gives a top ten list of things you should say when a telemarketer calls. "Ask what colour their panties are; speak only in dog barks pretend you once dated them - what do ya mean you don't remember?"

  • Gavin King talks about the Root of all evil in his Weekend Post edition, comperes himself to Jesus, "While others were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ by raising a beer in salute to the heavens, I was wielding a shovel to dig a hole into the proverbial depths of hell. Jesus ended up with holes in his hands during the Easter long weekend, and by the end of it so did I.," writes King.

  • Henry at Fosnez talks about the stupidity of the Alchpop tax. "Well, I have to hand it to the government, just when you think they have finally moved on from a ridiculous piece of policy, they dredge it back up again, apply some spit and polish and chant "Hail! It is new and shiny!".

  • All's quiet at Not the Cairns Post, with nothing happening for nearly a month. With a mantra of "accountability for the Cairns local media - independent news for Far North Queensland," they can't tell me there's noting to talk about from our beloved daily? Wake up?

  • Lance Royce at the Northern Truth says that Federal Indigenous Minster Jenny Macklin must have real disdain for the Howard Government's Work for the Dole program. "The local aboriginal community Yarrabah would be the first in axing the program. Could this be foretelling the complete closure of the Work for the Dole program nation wide? The same program that Labor fought against, then adopted when it was proven to work effectively?," writes Royce.

    Lance also gets my support, as yet another independent commentator comes out against the Cairns Regional Council's charade and sham investigation into Council Diane Forsyth's Kangaroo Court Code of Conduct. "Live free or die - Cr. Di Forsyth is my hero!" Lance writes.
    "Politically and ideologically Cr. Di Forsyth and I don't see eye to eye on most issues, but when Di stood on the roof of the old Yacht Club that all changed," Royce writes. " the question should be why do Council bureaucrats have so much time to spend on trivial crap? Di, congratulations for having backbone and resolve. The community could use more Di Forsyths and this world is better place with your forthright stand against oppression!"

  • Barry from Residents Against Crime highlights police, who are defending the use of tasers. They'll never convince me these things are fit for human consumption.

  • Local photographer, Paul Dymond's active blog, talks of his latest expedition to Mali, West Africa.

  • Syd Walker says he seems to be the only blogger in the world with a good word to say about the well-publicized dinner conversation of diminutive French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in calling a spade a spade.


Syd Walker said...

An informative round-up of the blogs, Mike. I imagine it didn't take too long either. Amazing what you can do if you're not the Cairns Post or ABC!

The Resident's Against Crime article about Tasers gave me an idea for Gavin King's next article.

Cairns' most heavily-promoted, self-obessesed, sneering masochist should arrange to get himself tasered - then tell us all about it on his blog.

If the Cairns Post prints photographs, I'll break my New Century's resolution and purchase a souvenir copy for the toilet wall.

Alison Alloway said...

Lance Royce doesn't have his facts right about the "Work for the Dole" scheme at Yarrabah. The Community Development Employment Project (CDEP) was NOT introduced by the Howard Government, but by aboriginal peoples themselves, in the Hawke Government era, long before John Howard was Prime Minister. Politicians had nothing to do with it. The idea came from the aboriginal people themselves. CDEP was administered by ATSIC and available to communities who voted for the initiative. Most Northern aboriginal communities voted for the scheme. I was working within the Commonwealth Public Service at the time the CDEP schemes were launched. I repeat, this scheme was initiated by the aboriginal peoples themselves. It is a source of pride to them, that they "did something" so please don't deny their initiatives in this.

Vanessa said...

I thought Not the Cairns Post about getting the average Joe to post stories when they notice stuff in TCP rather than being a single author/person responsible for writing stuff.

Un-lazy up, Cairns residents (me included. I'm not so good at writing though so I haven't submitted anything yet!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vanessa for the history! The facts still remains that the effect on the decision is a worry:
"The minister's moronic idea is to get all the Yarrabah dole recipients jobs in the Cairns community. One problem is that during the boom these individuals couldn't get jobs. Why in the world would there be jobs for these people now, we are in a recession and people with real employments skills are being laid off? What planet is Minster Macklin living in? I would say Pluto!