Sunday 26 April 2009

Stop chopping down the trees

Sensis, the Telstra company behind the production of a gazillion telephone books for over 80 years, seem to be operating in a pre-1970 environment.
This weekend, they've employed a raft of community soldiers all over Cairns, including Gordonvale, Port Douglas to Cape Tribulation, delivering the 1,300 page directory.
This year, local artist Ludij Peden is featured on the cover, outside the Cairns Regional Art Gallery. I'm sure I can see Councillor Alan Blake peering over the balcony behind, after been locked in from the function the night before.
Well, I for one don't want this huge waste of paper stuffed in my letterbox. I didn't ask for it, nor was I asked if I wanted it.
I mean, they have my number, although it's unlisted, thanks to Kevin Bryne ;-) So why didn't they ask if I'd like one of these monumental doorstops delivered?
I have not used a telephone book for over ten years, as I prefer to use a thing called the Internets (with apologies to GWB). I fail to understand why, in this so-called paper-less world we're trying to create, that one of the worst offenders, is the biggest provider of digital services! That doesn't make sense.
They have the cheek have a full page advert for Greening Australia, on the inside back cover. Oh, the irony.
How difficult would it for those that really really want one of these paper versions, and I dare say some still do, to register or tic a box on your telephone bill, a few months prior from the annual production?
It's simply senseless Sensis.


Constance Lloyd said...

Not too many decades ago,used phone books were eagerly sought after. When new editions arrived, they were always to be found behind the door of the little outhouse in the back yard.

Before sewers and loos inside, these phone books literally were used in greening Australia.

Unknown said...

There is a way to stop delivery of them -

Print Directory Opt-out
You can choose not to receive specific Sensis directory print products by calling 1800 810 211, or emailing

But have to agree why don't they come up with an easier way to opt out.

Sally-Ann P, Woree said...

Sounds great on paper (or on the net) Mark, but it doesn't work.

The team of young delivery folk were also in our neighbourhood today, and they delivered to every house and apartment.

I had already used that Opt Out thingi...and went up and told them... but they said they were told to deliver the directories to everyone in the neighbourhood!

Mexican Virus said...

Anna Bligh and KRudd promised us more jobs.

These minimum wage jobs are vital to the Cairns economy.

You rich people are all high and mighty this weekend now, aren't you? Fortunately KRudd is going to raise all your taxes and start cutting off your perks.

Then YOU'LL be looking for these jobs!

Unknown said...

I suspected it wouldn't as they basically can't be bothered removing people who don't want directories as it makes the delivery more complex.

Let's say the next step is to phone them (that way it costs them money) and ask them to collect the unwanted directory.

As you had requested the directory not to be delivered then complain to Sensis. It is the only way they will actually take action - and been a toll free number is good as it costs them money.

I know at times it seems pointless but it is the only way to get these companies to take responsibility.

Eventually they get the message!

Jan from Kewarra said...

What is also very annoying is the fact that we have a unlisted private home phone number, and yet when my husband purchased a new mobile phone in January this year, in this years' edition, there is his mobile number proudly displayed along with our address.

And before anyone comments, the reason we have a private unlisted home phone number was because a few years ago, we were subjected to 12 months of harrassing phone calls from caller/s unknown. We ended up having to pay Telstra to put a trace on the line before the calls stopped.

Not Happy Jan!

I suggest anyone else who does not want phone numbers published, check out the phone book, because yours might be there.