Monday 27 April 2009

What John said to Val

Here's the full transcript of Friday morning's interaction with Cairns Mayor Val Schier on John Mackenzie's 4CA radio show.


Media Watch Watcher said...

The heat is now on for 4CA, John McKenzie and CRC. Lets now sit back and watch the rats run out from under the rug when it is lifted up by the Australian Broadcasting Authority, who according to Media Watch tonight are now investigating the Cash for comments deal "urgently".

The only thing wrong with the Media Watch story was that they credited the story to Compost. Compost originally did a light and fluffy story trying to frame Val Schier just as Bonneau attempted to do in bringing the matter up in a full Council meeting.

However, Media Watch correctly put the facts out into the public arena just as Michael Moore did on this blog and now....

Let the fun begin I say......

Constance Lloyd said...

Mike, and everyone else too.

Can we please clear up one thing that is mildly annoying to me at least - according to the 4CA website it's John Mackenzie.

Not John McKenzie
Not John MacKenzie

Pedantic bitch aren't I!

Media Watch Watcher said...

For Constance then, MacKenzie it is then or Macca. Irrespective of how he spells his name or what name he goes by, facts is facts, and he was made to look a right twat on national telly last night.
Would not like to be in his shoes at the moment, nor Bonneaus, nor Briggs nor Hull.

Whilst, the Australian Broadcasting Authroity are now urgently investigatin this case, I would like to know who is investigating Council policies, procedures etc. I believe this role falls to the Minister of Local Government, who is now Desley Boyle.

Of course this is on her patch and she may be reluctant to launch anything, but as residents we are entitled to open and transparent governance by our Council. We also want some accountability in this matter from the CEO down and we certainly have not been getting any of these things it would seem?

Residents who want to see changes for the better and in the future, should put their complaint in writing to:

Clifton Media Watcher said...

You're all really missing the big picture.

Ask yourself - why did Kevin Byrne so quickly deny that his Council was paying John McKenzie Mackenzie MacKenzie? (you know, the guy with the bad wig).

Wake up, people. There's a much bigger story here.

Media Watch Watcher said...

So then Clifton Media Watcher, why don't you enlighten us all with your thoughts and lets AIR this dark, mouldy, rank-smelling and dusty cupboard out now.

Tony Hillier said...

Don't hold your breath "Media Watch Watcher". The Australian Broadcasting Authority is a toothless tiger. At best, they'll tweak motor mouth's toupee and slap 'Four See Hay', or whatever it's called these days, over the pee-pee.

Still, let's hope that "rug-gate" is the catalyst that flushes all the rats from the sewer! Cairns needs clean and transparent local government.