Tuesday 28 April 2009


Henry at FosnezBlog just delivered me some shocking news. The world's longest running show, The Simpsons are going from Channel TEN.
It's the only remaining quality programme TEN had on offer, and the only thing worth switching on to avoid the so-called news on the other commercial networks at the same time.
The funny thing is that the network wants to grab some of the market share of the local news audience, by extending their bulletin at 5pm to 90 minutes long. More lifestyle and home decorating tips?
TEN pays $25,000 to screen each episode of the 20-year running social satire, so this would save $6 million a year.
Ay Caramba!


Mike said...

I think you'll it's only the 6pm every day Simpsons and the endless reruns that are disappearing. You'll still see the Simpsons weekly in prime time.

Unknown said...

Need to keep up with things there Mike, this is old news now (well, yesterdays news)

10 have also come out today saying there is no intention to cut The Simpsons

Constance Lloyd said...


Rather than avoiding the "so-called news" why not just take up the offer of one of those annoyingly young and handsome men and women selling Austar in the major shopping centres. Then your will be able to have your daily fix of Simpsons (repeated later on +2)

To say nothing of such other classics repeated ad nauseum:-

Hogans Heroes
The Nanny
I Dream of Jeannie
Beverley Hillbillies

and so on...and on....and on.

Unknown said...

Hogans Heroes ... now thats a show i could watch more of. Maybe they should get rid of the news (10 news seems to be the worst as far as im concerned)

"I know nothing – NOTHING!"

Noj Nedlaw said...


I refer to your comment re Mike needing to "keep up with things there".

The Cairns Post's sister paper, the Northern Territory News, only saw fit to report this Simpson's kerfuffle today.

Doh, don't do itSo don't feel to bad Mike, news travels slow even within NewsCorp.