Sunday 26 April 2009

Dip in the cascades

Had a nice swim this afternoon up at Crystal Cascades.
There was hardly a soul around, probably all at DFO, in a post-stimulus frenzy.
The Cascades are truly a real gem of our region, tucked away from the maddening crowd, yet only a few minutes from touristville. If you walk as far as the walkway takes you, and scale down the side where the signs say not to, you'll likely to have the largest freshwater shower all to yourself.
I took my mentee, whose family arrived in Cairns from Malawi last year. He's participating in the Cairns Youth Mentoring programme, along with his two sisters, a great way to meet locals and develop his Engrish.


Al said...

Mike, as you walked along the path at Crystal Cascades, did you see the sign on the left indicating the walking track to Copperlode Dam? It's an old well used track, hard going and fine for the fit and able. For those who undertake it, the climb through magnificent World-Heritage rainforest can be rewarded with a coffee at the Lake Morris cafe in little more than an hour.
Just recently though, CRC/Cairns Water have seen fit to add to the signage. Now at the top and the bottom of the track, HUGE 'Warning' signs, red on white, befitting any military area or major airport, have been erected. They warn that Lake Morris must not be accessed before 8AM and that anyone arriving there before this time may be attacked by 'guard dogs on duty' (no kidding! They were there today). Does anyone know when CRC started employing guard dogs to ensure visitor compliance in its recreational areas? Will this be extended to all CRC recreational areas? Must really impress tourists to our region. Welcome to Cairns - Beware of the Guard Dogs! What's next? Razor wire?

whesiast said...

You're "youth mentoring"? How could someone with your "background" get a blue card?

Noj Nedlaw said...

Simon J,

Well said! Could not agree with your comments more.