Monday 13 April 2009

Local radio and media updated

What did you do on Easter weekend? Well, with the help of a local radio tech nerd, I've updated my local media list, in the right-hand sidebar.
You'll find a comprehensive list of all our radio stations, with frequencies, including Innisfail, Port Douglas, Mossman, and the Cairns Highlands, I mean the Tablelands. What a marketing idea that was.
Did you know there's 24 local radio stations? Bet you didn't. If you spot an error or ommission, drop me a line.
I've also updated all the regional print and TV media.
All our local politicians has also got there own links as well, so there's no excuse not to send them your complaints.
Just another resource from the lovely folk at CairnsBlog provides our non-paying readership. So there.

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former announcer king kong said...

4CCR FM is a community radio station. It is not government owned, nor is it privately owned.
It was in fact the first radio station to broadcast on the FM band in Cairns back in 1986.

What a lot of the people of Cairns don't realise is that this station has a licence to broadcast that is for the community of Cairns and not just an exclusive radio club for middle aged conservatives as sadly it has now become.

It is part of the huge community radio network of Australia - not that you would know it today.

It was, at one stage, along with a local paper Barfly the only alternate media in this town before the advent of blogs such as this one. Think 2SER in Sydney or 3PBS 3CR or 3RRR in Melbourne or 4ZZZ in Brisbane.

This is your radio station - get out there and be involved and become a member. It is based upstairs at Raintrees shopping centre. Get involved (phone 4053 6891) and make it a powerful community voice once again!!!