Wednesday 1 September 2010

Bligh is next

Kevin got the boot because Labor believed he was unelectable, and now that the Federal election is (almost) behind us, the sights are being focused on Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh.

Talk to any Labor insider, and they'll tell you she's simply un-electable.

Bligh will not make it to the next State election, expected to be in mid-2012. She's lost support from grassroots members and most unions, who have clashed violently with the party over privatisation plans to sell-off assets.

In our patch, unions booted out Barron River MP Steve Wettenhall, and Member for Cook, Jason O'Brien. Just weeks prior to the Federal election, Jim Turnour had a "mix up" with his union membership renewal, however it was dealt with when told it would be exposed.

Bligh is a dead woman walking.

Besides ex-Police Minister Julie Spence, who's had a far from happy relationship with Anna, there will be a few others gunning for the job. Andrew Fraser, the Stephen Conroy of Queensland, has his eyes firmly on Bligh's job, and will probably be the one to launch a challenge.

Fraser, who was in Cairns last week for the Tropical Institute dinner, and seen snuggling up to Wettenhall at Sebel's bar, appears to lining up for the debt-ridden top job.

At the packed über-celebrity dinner, 34-year-old Fraser came across with a degree of boyish arrogance, with a few lame jokes thrown in that failed to engage the learned audience.

The event was made up of our local councillors including Cochrane, Cooper, Gregory, Leu, Schier, Forsyth and even Blake, which was surprising as he says he's attending less functions over the last year. Oh, and there was an unnamed woman at the table. There were also councillors from Cassowary Coast and the Tablelands and the junket.

Frazer's spin was all about exporting knowledge and education into the South Pacific and Asia. It seems, Cairns has lost the plot on tourism now.

Last February I published an uncanny likeness of Anna on a recreated cover I called 'Annaity Fair'. It was all about her not going full term as the State election was called prematurely, which proved fortuitous.

I sat down and had a natter with Anna when she bought the cabinet meeting here, and presented her with a copy of this wonderful depiction, needless to say, she was rather touched, but stopped short of having her photo taken with it. I must pop up the video of our little tête-à-tête sometime soon.

Looks like dragging this depiction out once again, may well prove appropriate. But who will the baby be?


nocturnal congress said...

Gross! Jeeeez. (violent shudder) that piccy would put you off your nookies for a month of Sundays hey.

KitchenSlut said...

The concept that Andrew Fraser may be a replacement for Captain Bligh is rather oxymoronic in a political context given that as Treasurer he has actually been responsible for the privatisation proposals and was previously responsible for Council amalgamations spun as 'reform'?

A true son of the NSW right mentality that has left destruction everywhere lets bring him on!?!

P.S. Kitchenslut supports at least half the privatisations in principle and especially the QR coal business (not the track) which has been a debacle for the people of Qld under public ownership!

Colin Riddell said...

One down four to go then vals crew , so good to have a goal in life.
Ignore the faithfull pay the price.

Miss Taken said...

I'm not interested in who the baby will be, but I am in who actually managed to screw Anna.