Monday 6 September 2010

100 quakes since Saturday's earthquake, continue to hit Christchurch

There's been another 29 earthquakes on Monday alone, ranging up to 5.4 on the Richter scale, following Christchurch's 7.1 quake at 4:36am on Saturday morning.

The quakes are occurring every few minutes, many over 5, with the biggest tonight at 11:40pm (NZ time) 5.4.

The unfolding initial quakes were so powerful, that following an initial quake at 4:36am of 5.3, a second one of 7.1 followed just four seconds later. 17 minutes later, another 5.1 hit.

It's now predicted that as many at 100,000 homes in the Canterbury region have been damaged substantially, topping a repair bill of $2.5 billion. Condemned buildings, many of them historic to the garden city, were started to be bull-dozed to prevent further collapses.

Aussies and Kiwi lubers, can donate to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal via the Red Cross.

Here's security camera footage, the moment the quake struck at the Redcliffs New World supermarket.

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