Monday 6 September 2010

CAPTION CONTEST: Make up ya bloody mind, okay?

Here's Rob, Bob, and Tony this afternoon, having a short black, an iced tea, and a soy latte. They're the most watched pollies in the land at the mo.

Warren wants them to sort this out. Val wants an answer. So does dodgy Fred Niles. Even Maurice at Yorkeys. Jim and Tiffany don't really give two hoots.

What's their answer going to be? What are they thinking? What have they been saying privately to each other? Now is your chance to put words in their mouth, as only you can. As always, be funny, not dirty. Well, you can be a little naughty. I'll kick it off...

  1. "Bob, we're gunna support Julia. She just looks way better in speedos."
  2. "Tell ya what, let's all drag this out for another week. I mean, no one hardly knew of us before the election!"
  3. "Can I insist that all those on the front bench be compelled to wear an Akubra?"
  4. "You back the Sex Party, I'll go with Abbott, and for a laugh, you support The Greens!"
  5. "I think there's one thing we forgot to demand: Anna Bligh is sent to Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre."


yk said...

"Look, Bob. Be realistic! Neither of them are going to agree to the re-introduction of conscription or the forcible deportation of homosexuals to Indonesia."

:Kevin-John: Morgan. said...

Rob: What's up Bob?
Bob: Crap! I think I just swallowed a fly!
Tony: Spit it out mate!
Bob: I Can't, it's stuck to one of my policies.

Thaddeus said...

Bob (thinking): "Bah! I got that f.....g Pitt Street cityboy f....g cowboy Pitt Street wanker back in Leichhardt.
Can't stand too close to the cityboy f.....g wanker because he sprays my hat with his slobber. If he ruins my latest akubra, after slopping some latte milky shit all the city women drink, he'll wish he was never born, the soft cityboy Pitt Street so called cowboy."

A Real Liberal said...

"Come on Bob, it won't be that bad! You'll only have to shake hands with Bob Brown, not get into bed with him."

Thaddeus, mate, Katter doesn't swear!

Queenie said...

Katter: I ordered grilled croc with my Eggs Bennie, and what did they give me? Some wussy farm-raised pig slices. Geez I hate Canberra.

Gavin Bland said...

Do you think we should tell them we're using Rock, Paper Scissors. Best of three.