Tuesday 4 March 2008

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Here's our most popular articles from CairnsBlog over the last 5 months...
  1. Who paid for the Byrne Election Campaign in 2004? (23,823 views)
  2. $261,866.15 buys you a good time (21,780, views)
  3. Potted History: the Devil we Know - Part 2 (17,468 views)
  4. Cairns City Council - 2004 / 2008 Election Analysi... (17,018 views)
  5. Mareeba Council, Myola and the Mushroom Treatment (16,998 views)
  6. Time to Face the Music (14,042 views)
  7. What does the death of Johno’s mean for Cairns? (12,641 views)
  8. Joining the Smelly Dots (12,147 views)
  9. CairnsBlog You Tube channel (11,331 views)
  10. False promises, dirty pictures (10,793 views)
  11. Potted History: the Devil we Know (9,014 views)
  12. Cairns Plan amendments fails community over hillslopes (9,004 views)
  13. KB's back, and he's not happy (8,446 views)
  14. Deirdre leaves a voicemail (8,284 views)
  15. Full Candidate listing (7,985 views)


Anonymous said...

The statistics reveal "cairnsblog" is playing a pivotal role in engaging the community in debate, once again.
The past decade or so has seen Australians retreat from public debate and our society has suffered from it. Many academics have been warning this loss of active citizenry is weakening our democracy, ripening us for dictatorial type Governments.
So, three cheers for "cairnsblog" which has proven a successful forum for community dialogue and debate!!!

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore is achieving something all journalists dream out - bringing back the community into political dialogue, awakening the people from their slumbers in front of the TV set, and making them CITIZENS again.
I hope that "cairnsblog" continues as an accessible, vibrant, open forum after the Council elections.

I hope too, the academics at James Cook University participate more in these online debates. We need their insights and leadership.

The American economy, the future of globalism, the environment and global warming, our health care system (and the Cairns Base Hospital!!) local government issues ....we have so much to discuss!

Anonymous said...

Just want to say congratulations and keep up the good work.

Great to have a forum where people can actually have their say.

Sorry for your personal loss over creating the blog.