Friday 14 March 2008

Polling indicates Byrne out

Polling undertaken by Byrne's Unity have showed a dramatic departure of support.

CairnsBlog has learnt that at least two polls, undertaken over the last month, have showed less than 35% of voters would vote for Kevin Byrne or a Cairns Unity candidate.

"This is the reason why we're doing a series of large [yellow] adverts," a Unity supporter told CairnsBlog this today.

"Yes, they're worried, why do you think we are resorting to this?"

A series of negative adverts have appeared in the Cairns Post and the Cairns Sun published by Byrne's Unity Team. This is reactionary advertising and displays a sense of serious concern by the Byrne team.

It's obviously there is an air of desperation in this advertising. They are trying to retain some sense of respect for their style of government.

The people have had enough.


Anonymous said...

Bye Bye KB, goodbye

pack your bags and fly fly fly

dont be back for ever and a day

yea dark dark days are over

good riddance and hooray

Anonymous said...

Is this the end for Cairnsblog? I mean what on earth will it bitch about. LOL

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know whether the ratepayers or unity team paid for these surveys.