Friday 14 March 2008

Silvia writes a letter

Silvia Dumpmanis had a rather awful experience, whilst helping out at pre-polling, situated at the De Jarvis Pavillon at the Cairns Showgrounds.

It's a wet and rugged battleground.
  • I've never had such an unpleasant time with any booths in all my life as at pre-polling here in Cairns for local elections.... I used be an ankle-biter size how-to-voter with my Dad - now I'm over 50.

    Everywhere, always, it was friendly. Not now. Jeff Lyon - candidate for Division 7 running against Unity Councillor Deirdre Ford and Cairns 1st Diane Forsyth -
    was to be into control, totally, of who goes where, as voters arrive in advance of Saturday, to cast their vote.

    Jeff Lyon, Annette Shepherd, Alan Blake and Norman Miller have set up their camp (table and chairs) at the entrance where it's covered.

    Just a bit further down, under cover is Thelma Spelta and bit further down is Cairns 1st. I'm one of their many supporters. The last, but not least, is Unity.

    First day of pre-polling, Jeff Lyon received a message from a voter that they were bombarded with us 'how-to-voters'.

    He really wants the front entrance all to himself and the rest of the independents.
    When Annette and Norman Miller's helper went for lunch yesterday, Jeff was on guard there.

    I just went walk-about there. My goodness, what an explosion of anger from him.

    I heard him saying to someone on his mobile phone, that if I put this on the CairnsBlog and say anything derogatory about him, he'll sue me.

    He also said that I'm always writing on this blog. Well, this is my first time EVER for writing to any blog. Anyway, he was all by himself there. There's plenty of room there.

    He couldn't handle a Cairns 1st supporter being in his space.

    So, in the rain, the independents direct with their arm and hand, which way the voters could go. They should go along the path in the rain. That means that Cairns 1st supporters and candidates need to dash out into the rain to offer our how-to-vote card. And we did. Now I had bronchitis.

    Jeff Lyon, good luck (in suing me).
    ~ Silvia Dumpmanis

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Anonymous said...

I went thru "the gauntlet" yesterday at the Showgrounds. Smilin' Paul Freebody rolled up to me and said "here's your how to vote card, mate", I glared at him and said "how many grammatical and spelling errors are on it?"

He then snatched his hand back and said "good luck, sucker".