Sunday 16 March 2008

Port Douglas booth

It was a 6am start for the team behind the polling booth at Port Douglas: Wayne, Jeanette, Ruth, Julia, Maurice, Anna, and Hans.


Anonymous said...

They are off and running in the Cairns Mayors Cup, the mare leads the gelding, as they approach the winning post the mare is ahead, but oops looks like she has hit a soft spot, but she recovers well and goes on to comfortably win the Mayors Cup at odds of 3:1 the punters say, Hooray and the bookies slink off to lick their empty wallets.
PS: its rumoured that some rascal overwatered the last 100m of the inside track

Anonymous said...

Are you implying it was a "setup." I thought that sort of behaviour was only supposed to go on in the southern extremes of the division!
(According to KB and BPT anyway.

Congratulations Julia!