Wednesday 19 March 2008

Male soap-use a crime

I know this will seem like blatant advertising, but what the hell, it's my party and I'll scrub if I want to.

A specialist unit called the LYNX Anti-Soap Squad (L.A.S.S.) have been formed to eradicate this foul habit, for the benefit of mankind - and womankind.

"Males caught using soap will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law," says their advert. You can dob in ya mates and culprits for a generous reward on soap criminals to the L.A.S.S.



Anonymous said...

Well I guess that will stop those blokes who are always dropping their soap in the showers after footy.

Anonymous said...

dopeonarope, fuk right off with your hompphobic bullshit comment. I do not like the disparaging of homosexuality! Disparage hetreosexuality for a change. Shit, if i was gay I'd be in jail a long time ago for violent assault convictions against homophobes. The attacks on homosexuality is so subtle and so widely accepted as well. I've had enough!

Anonymous said...

Gods Meths Suplier, As a person of gayness I find your namecalling quite obnoxious and really think there is no nead for swearing. I am surprised the moderators let it through. Or is that just one more symptom of the bias that runs through this site?