Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Average salary now $79,334

MyCareer has just released it's average salary of job listings, based on the last three months.
You can check out your particular trade or business. Figures often incorporate total package.


Paul - Edmonton said...

I will have to email this to my boss. .. I dont think he has read it.

Anonymous said...

When you factor in CEO salaries with the salaries of dish pigs, yeah, I reckon you would get an "average" of around 70k. Now is everyone happy!!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show the lies spread about AWA's were just that. Any notion of people being worse off was simply scarmongering spread by the unions and ALP in the lead up to last years election. As a lie, it would have to rank right up there with Tampa.

Aussie Joe said...

Yeah, anonymous, above. No wonder you are pissed off. With AWAs you would have been able to have paid your workers, in the exact words of John Howard,wages "that would be comparable with Asians". HOWARD'S EXACT, PRECISE WORDS.
You think we are mugs? Most Aussies know we are surrounded by millions of Asians who earn less than 50c a day.
And when the likes of people like yourself had your workers on 50cents a day, you would then have given the rest of their wages to yourself. Thank Christ, Australians woke up to greedy, grasping, money obsessed people like you. Eat your heart out!
Our kids will be getting braces on their teeth this year and you won't be getting your new speed boat. NAH NAH NAH!

El Diablo Redactador said...

This is the average wage on MYCAREER.COM adverts, not the average wage in Australia. carries way more ads for CEOs and other executives and professionals than it does for dish-pigs and aged carers etc.
So it is a meaningless statistic.
The average wage in Australia is still about $50,000.

Anonymous said...

The real test is what is the median wage.........and its way below 75K
The average or mean wage is not a true indicator of what the majority of people earn....damned Lies & Statistics!

Anonymous said...

OK - even more evidence of the scaremongering, and different stats, but meaningfull just the same. In the 5 years BEFORE AWA's kicked in, we had average wages growth of 3.8%. In the first year of AWA's we had wages growth of 4.1%. Hardley teh claimed massive reduction in the wages!

This can be found here

Archimedes' Screw said...

Anon two above:
The median wage is as meaningless as the median house price beloved of real estate agents (now there is a reliable source!).
The median is the halfway point between the single highest wage and the single lowest wage.

So if we have 100 dish pigs on $30,000 a year and one single CEO on $90,000 a year, the median wage for that group is $60,000, even though only one person earns anything over $30,000.

Likewise with median house prices, if someone builds and sells a $2 million mansion at White Rock and 20 other houses that month sell for $200,000, the median house price in White Rock is $1.1 million.
That $1.1 million median price doesn't mean that Joe Average's Besser block three-bedder in White Rock is worth anywhere near that much.

Real estate agents just use it to always indicate the market is going up and up because there is never a house sold for $10,000 skewing things downwards, but plenty of new houses selling for higher than average prices.

Yep, lies, damn lies and statistics.

The Dish Pig said...

One of the worst damned lies being sprouted ad nauseum by politicians, (even Labor politicians) is the so called "unemployment rate". Back in the 1990s, unemployment was defined as working less than 20 hours per week. Today it is ONE HOUR per week, hence little dishpigs who work six hours per week are regarded as FULLY EMPLOYED.