Monday 17 March 2008

About Val finishes filming

The SBS feature documentary, About Women, featuring Val Schier, is now in the final stages of being filmed.
Following her ascension to the Cairns mayoralty, the feature is scheduled to be screened in September on Australian TV.
For the last 4 weeks, Iris Pictures have been tailing Schier to make an 'absorbing and intimate snapshot of what it means to be female in Australia today.'


Anonymous said...

way to go SBS, defining people by their genitals!

Tony Hillier said...

Well done Iris Pictures and SBS for being so perspicacious. What was originally intended as a 12 minute segment in the 'About Women' series, could well morph into a fully fledged doco on Mayor Val.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope SBS makes a rounded documentary and looks at the lives of working class women. They no longer have the "choice" of working or not working if they want a home, education for their children etc. Women baby-boomers like myself had the choice to stay at home when our babies were young and be full-time Mums. It was during this "time-out" from the workforce, we bonded with bubby and forged a family unit, furthered our social networking, learned to budget and developed new hobbies. It was also a time to realise our marriages had changed and that we had to work at our relationships and not take them for granted!! It was a valuable, precious time in our lives. I think it a tragedy that this valuable "time-out" is lost to the young Mums (or young Dads!) of today.