Monday 24 March 2008

CairnsBlog calendar

The CairnsBlog calendar, situated on the right hand sidebar of the Blog, is now updated.

I've loaded a raft of local events into the calendar system.

Included are the weekly children's storytimes at local libraries; AFL fixtures; regional markets; community meetings; Chamber of Commerce activities; theatre events at Coca, Rhonda, Little and Civic, CAFNEC, music events; activities on the Nard, and key Cairns Regional Council dates.

I aim to make this calendar as comprehensive as possible.

If you click on the event, coloured in red, the full details are displayed. You also have the option to click the 'more details' and add the event to your own calendar. You can then sync the CairnsBlog calendar with your Microsoft Outlook.

A featured full page view and printable version is here.
Just a note, you'll need Java installed to enjoy all the calendar features.

If you'd like your local event, community meeting, school fete, or 21st stripper's night added, just email me the details. If it's of general interest to the community, I'll gladly include it.

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