Monday 17 March 2008

What they're saying

I wandered around Smithfield Shopping Centre Sunday afternoon, and asked a few shoppers how they felt about the outcome of the election...

"No, I’m not happy with the result.
Kevin was a better candidate.
Val isn’t experienced enough."
-Trevor, Redlynch

I’m happy Kevin Byrne has gone. I’m glad that Val won."
-Tony, Thursday Island

"Yes, I’m happy with the result."
Renee, Kewarra Beach

"I think Val will do a good job."
-Mandy, Smithfield

"I was a Kevin Byrne supporter,
but didn’t know who won.
Yeah, I wish he got in."
-James, Kewarra Beach

"It was great that Schier won. I’m pleased for her."
- Greg, Smithfield Seafood market

"Fantastic. A great result!"
-Eve, Lake Placid

"I’m a shift worker, so haven’t followed
the final vote. But I was a
supporter of Cairns 1st. Glad she’s in!"
-Colin, Smithfield


Anonymous said...

So the first lies of Val Schier have been expoed already.

When she said she was not going to raise rates, she actually meant she was!

And she hasn't even been sworn in yet. I wonder waht other broken promises await!

And what piffle to say that "its on the website" Should we all rush and check the web site after every statement she makes is true or not?

Anonymous said...

Schier's defence on this matter, she says is that she made a mistake in responding in haste to a Cairns Unity ad that said she would raise rates, Schier's response was that she would not raise rates but in this haste neglected to qualify her statement in that rates would not rise excpet for CPI rises, she said she forgot to add this bit on her press statement. The same day she made the no rates rise statement (which was missing the CPI aspect) was the same day she accused Cairns Council themsleves of lying over the Trinity Inlet pollution. So she has drawn a long bow in 'blaming' a scurrilous Cairns Unity attack on her for this mistake. One may say all is fair in love and war. What makes me laugh is that people thought KB was arrogant - and perhaps he indeed was but KB was also polite in the fact he did always say Thank You for things. Val - you need to shape up quick smart, remember you are no longer in the frying pan.

Anonymous said...

OK So I'm not overall happy with the mayoral election results, but I tell you what, am I looking forward to seeing more of Schier's foot-in-mouth syndrome!

This is going to be great - there's so many things she's claimed she can fix/change/remove that are not just the sole decision of the mayor, and in most cases, aren't even the decision of the local council.

This is going to be epic. I really hope she has thick skin.