Friday 21 March 2008

Barack race speech

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck as the USA presidential candidate race draws to a close. With over 2 million views on YouTube, it's easy to see how quick the pendulum swings in favour of either candidate.

This will be recorded as one of the great speeches of recent times, certainly in the evolution of US politics. You can read the transcript, or view the speech below.

Maybe it's just a dream, but I would have loved to have seen such passion and vision expressed in our recent local election campaign. This is when politicians shine.

And here's Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show analysing the speech...


Anonymous said...

Its all rhetoric ... duplicitious words ... they all belong to the war mongering gang of criminals who are a cancer on humanity ... the energy is changing soon they will be no more !

Anonymous said...

yeah & wots obama's trip in just claiming his black DNA, the dude's half white!