Monday 31 March 2008

Not really naked bike ride

Queensland Pride reports that nudity was conspicuous by its absence for the World Naked Bike Ride at Wynnum recently.

They said this was due to the police presence. The event is held in cities all over the world to “protest against oil dependency and environmental abuse, and to promote social acceptance of naturism and sustainable living”.

The ride in Brisbane, attracted six police cars two hours before the event at Glenora Park on the Wynnum North Esplanade. Police told the naturists that public nudity would not be tolerated.

A female rider attempted to cycle topless. “Put your bra back on!” screamed a voice from a police van.

Organiser Dario Western believed “family groups” had made complaints about the bike ride to attract the police. "It's unlikely future nude rides would be promoted in advance," he said.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how Queensland is one of the few places in the world that is against nude beaches etc. The Federal Government didnt want to make a decision on it, so they passed it onto the states. The State government didnt want to make the decision, so they passed it onto the councils. Now the councils are too scared to make a decision on it.
If councils and governments allowed nude beaches/areas, then, they could be policed and controlled, and the sleezey eliment would be removed from it.
At our own unofficial nude beach, there is no toilets, taps, and very few rubbish bins.
I understand that there are some people who are against public nudity. They dont like seeing the naked body, and believe me, some bodys should not be seen naked. But, if they made an official nude beach for nudists, then those who do not wish to see a naked body, could stay away. Police and Council could then monitor the behaviour of the undesireables. I have been to some nudist beaches and there have been entire families there.
Simply put, if you dont like the scenery, dont look at it.
With our high number of international tourist visiting here every year, Cairns should have a nude beach.