Monday 17 March 2008

2008 Cairns Regional Council

Division 1
Councillor Paul Gregory (IND, Unity endorsed)
Elected unopposed.

Division 2
Nancy Lanskey (IND)

Division 3
Councillor Robert Pyne (IND)
Terry James ousted.

Division 4
Kirsten Lesina (Cairns 1st).
Paul Freebody ousted.

Division 5
Councillor Alan Blake (IND)
Kathy Plath ousted.

Division 6
Councillor Linda Cooper (Unity)
Councillor Annette Sheppard ousted.

Division 7
Councillor Diane Forsyth (Cairns 1st)
Councillor Deidrie Ford ousted.

Division 8
Councillor Margaret Cochrane (IND)
Sitting, returned

Division 9
Councillor Sno Bonneau returned.
(IND, Unity endorsed)

Division 10
Councillor Julia Leu (IND)

Val Schier (Cairns 1st)
Councillor Kevin Byrne ousted.


Anonymous said...

Annette Sheppherd will have plenty of time on her hands now to get those tax returns in!

Anonymous said...


You've run a successful campaign, obviously - now it's time to show what a true independent does. Listen to your constituents, and stand up for what you believe in!

I see good times ahead.

Anonymous said...

How is Val Schier going to fill all of her election promises with only 2 councilors from Cairns 1st?
At the moment Val has about as much power as the Unity Team.

This may have been a big win for Val but with the battle is just beginning. With the mix of Cairns 1st, Unity and independents I say half of Vals proposed polices will never happen.

With so many different views in council and no real set vision know one knows where Cairns will end up.

I only hope the more experienced councilors step up and provide some guidance for the first timers.

Val Schier may have to take a back seat till this council works it self out. Otherwise it will all end in a s&%t fight and nothing will get done!