Friday 14 March 2008

Who’s behind the Cairns 1st team?

In start contrast to Byrne's Unity's mob, where he won't disclose who's financing them prior to the election, Val Schier’s Cairns 1st Alliance has announced the funding behind their election campaign

When asked on ABC yesterday why Kevin Byrne wouldn't reveal his donors, he said "I don't have to!"

Cairns Regional Council mayoral candidate Val Schier said that people want to know who is funding the advertising that they are seeing in on television, radio and in newspapers.

The Cairns 1st campaign has cost $117,000. Half of this – $57,000 – has come from contributions from the eight individual candidates.

$17,000 has been from various fundraising activities over the past four years including trivia night, raffles and a Muso’s night when some of Cairns’ top musicians donated their services for an evening of entertainment and fundraising.

Just Purple New Media designed and managed the Cairns 1st website and Lynnette Griffiths who has designed the logo and all advertisements have put $10,000 value on their contribution.

Schier says Cairns 1st is not a Labor team, but $5,700 has been donated by ALP supporters who have held a garage sale and a theatre night.

The remaining $27,300 of contributions have come from:
  • Artists, including Peter Kingston and Sam Tupou - fundraising art auction which raised $12,000
  • 48 friends and supporters, including Murdoch McPherson, Michael Bryan, Silvia Dumpmanis, Joy McLoughlin, Jon Metcalfe, Alan Ringland, Klaus Zwanzger, Barry Daniels, Denis Walls and Kay Graham – $8,660
  • Businesses including NQ Recycling agents ($1,000), Arup ($400) and MacDonnells ($2,000) totalling $4,000
  • James Wilson – Val Schier’s son - $2,000

Under the Local Government Act, donations over $199 have to be disclosed 15 weeks after the election is held.

"We are pleased to let the Cairns community know that we are not beholden to any developers or big corporate donors,” Schier says.

The voters of Cairns and Douglas have a clear choice and a stark difference between the incumbent.

"Byrne and his team will not be as open and transparent as we are prepared to be,” says Val Schier.


Anonymous said...

Good to see the accountability of Cairns 1st. Let's hope after tomorrow, that we have more open council meetings, more dialogue and consultation with the community. Let's hope we have a Mayor who doesn't dismiss the disabled, the elderly, and the car-less as "minority groups" not worthy of a Mayor's attention.

Anonymous said...


King Boob has finally disclosed donations to disprove the rumours of him being influenced.
"Hineous Group" 10,000 old pipes
"Lowly Hard Lousy" 10,000 signposts
"Careful Ever Corp"10,000 boulders
"GadCorp" 10,000 cisterns

He also refutes rumours of an early abdication.

Anonymous said...

A small Advertising budget for Pete Johnston Candidate Div 10

Donations came from
Jason O'Brien $150
Friends and
Anonymous supporters $550
Pete's credit card
made up the difference $1800

It was all about standing up and being counted.

Good luck to all the candidates and Div 10 - you will be in the hot seat.