Monday 17 March 2008

AWA all over

Today the last steps were undertaken to dismantle the Howard government's Work Choices legislation.

However, former PM John Howard has said that Work Choices is still Liberal policy. He told an audience in Washington last week that Rudd's plans to reverse the industrial relations law would 'hurt the economy.'

His party had since pledged to back Labor and pass legislation banning Australian Workplace Agreements (AWA's).


Anonymous said...

John Howard was always out of step with most Australians. Even in his own party. He was so full of himself that he didn't listen to anyone else. Well ultimately the wheels fall off the wagon people like him ride. His wheels are falling off everywhere. He should retire and shut up before he makes a fool of himself.

Anonymous said...

Lil Jonnie Howard didnt listen to his party because he was the lapdog for hidden controllers, he only listened to them. Now he gets paid directly by them to spread their hidden agendas, try this Qld website

Anonymous said...

John Howard was heavily influenced by the far right of the American Republican Party, a party which prior to Howard had little in common with Australia's Liberal Party. Howard's very close friendship with George Bush commenced when Bush was Governor of Texas. (Andrew Peacock introduced the two...Peacock's wife number three is a Texan socialite).
Bush was a strong supporter of "Right to Work" legislation in the USA which effectively kept the minimum wage in those States which adopted "Right to Work" at the same level for over ten years. Howard, unquestionably modelled his "WorkChoices" on the American "Right to Work".