Monday 31 March 2008

What I want from the new Council

Residents speak out about what they want the new Cairns Regional Council to address....

"Kids have little to do. Besides the new Skate park, there's simply not enough here for them to do. There needs to be activities and things organised for them to do.
- Toni, Cafe Soul Organics, Smithfield

"I'd like to see a lot more done for women, young women. These are very important issues. Things that are life-threatening, like sexual abuse and teenage pregnancy.
- Gail, Cairns

"This new Council should sort out a legal nude beach. For years and years it's being ignored by the Council and the State Government. Bowen have finally done it. It's time Cairns sorts this out too.
- Bob, Kewarra Beach

"Business needs support. The last attempt about the Smithfield town centre was crazy. Council needs to provide good infrastructure and assistance to keep business alive.
- Luke, Cafe Soul Organics, Smithfield

"I want to see improved health facilities. The hospital is in need of more staff. They are stretched. We need more mid-wifes and a better hospital service in the region.
I'm also concerned about the destruction of the environment. The rainforest is being ruined. Look at Redlynch and Clifton Beach."
- Jenna, Redlynch Valley

"City parking is awful. There's hardly any place for local workers to park in and around the city.
I work in Grafton Street and there's no where close to park. It needs to be dealt with.
I voted for Kirsten Lesina, and I think she'll be great.
- Anthony, South Cairns

"I moved here from Townsville recently, and Cairns is starting to look like just another tourist town.
I can see why they say we don't want another Gold Coast up here. When I heard Val Schier say she didn't want that, she got my vote."
- Janelle, Holloways Beach


Anonymous said...

The largest proportion of those are State Govt issues council can merely lobby for -

And we all know how well those commies listen to us up here....

Anonymous said...

Val will get nothing done for Cairns and most of its residents. Sure the beaches are going to be in great order, let's see how well this town does with no development and building industry, and with declining tourism.

Anonymous said...


I never said anything about CEC or Hedley. Learn to read dickhead.
I said development and building industry. The builders, the companies looking to expand to bigger premises. We have a number of run down areas of Cairns, which would be better served as redeveloped areas.
I actually feel CEC and Hedley are negatives for the area, don't mind seeing them go through a tough time.
But the only way a town/city can prosper is to grow. And to grow, you need change and development. Companies need to get bigger, new developments are required to house people. Do we want delapidated old houses falling down in Parramatta Park, etc., or do we want a company to develop new premises and increase their staff levels, creating more jobs for locals.
Being anti-development is anti-growth which is anti-prosperity.