Saturday 15 March 2008

Terminal 5 opens

The Queen yesterday opened the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

18 years to design, 20,000 workers to build, cost $9.3 billion AUD (£4.3 bn), and seven years to build. Two rivers had to be diverted to accommodate the massive new structure.

Terminal 5 is 40m high, 176m wide and 396m long. The new building was designed by Lord Richard Rogers. The new terminal will handle 30 million passengers per year, taking Heathrow's total to 90 million, making Heathrow the world's busiest airport.

It is also the UK's largest ever single site archaeological project, with over 100 hectares of land that was investigated during pre-construction. 80,000 artifacts were discovered, including pottery, worked flint, a hand axe dating back to 3000BC, a wooden bowl and bucket dating back to 1500BC -1100BC. A suitcase, lost by Dorothy Johnston from Dunedin whilst on holiday in 1956, was also found.

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Anonymous said...

90 million a year eh ... lets see that means that by this time in 2009 there will only be Lizzie and her parasites left