Friday 14 March 2008

Parisi reviews his election picks

Ross Parisi, at the age of 23, was the youngest ever elected Councillor in Australia. He won 5 elections in a row and was a Cairns Councillor from 1976-1989 and 1994-95.
Parisi is one of the best political commentators in our region.
  • There are certain times in ones life, when one must take a stand on issues that tug at their heart and express an opinion in the hope of adding to positive dialogue.

    As a person with Council experience, having being first elected at the age of 23 and having won 5 elections, I have some idea of the political landscape and i recognise political talent when I see it.

    I have added my name and support to two divisional candidates in this critical election. Every election is important but I believe this election is a defining moment.

    I have endorsed Robert Pyne in Division 3 and Janine Aitken in Division 9. In my opinion they are both outstanding candidates.

    I have a particular interest in Division 9 as I live there and want the best for the area and this can only be delivered by the most suitable person.

    Recently,I attended two community forums at which Cr Sno Bonneau's representation was criticised and no confidence was expressed. This stemmed from a lack of consultation and truthful someone pointed out 'which face of Sno do you believe today'

    It is not possible for a Councillor to always agree with his constituents but to lose their respect is terminal.

    I do not want this form of representation for me and more importantly for Division 9 residents. We deserve honest and accountable representation.

    In Janine Aitken we have a fresh face with new ideas who is not tared with the brush of being there too long...13 years of the same representation is too long for a healthy democracy....we need renewal.

    Cr Sno Bonneau has abandoned his old division which included the townships of Palm Cove and Clifton Beach where he is derided and has chosen to stand in Division 9 where is not known as well for his antics.

    No number of glossy and slick brochures are going to mask his nodding, lazy representation and his general incompetence. He has had 13 years to get it right and now want you to give him more time.

    Miss handled issues such as the Smithfield Town Centre, the over development of Units in Clifton Beach, the infamous Rock Wall at Clifton Beach and lack of honest dialogue are just a sample of his ineptitude.

    It is fair to say that Division 9 requires special skills which I do not think Cr Sno Bonneau has. The expanding University with the potential of the new hospital as an addition. The New Smithfield Shopping Centre Precint. Caravonica School off street parking. The Lake Placid flood Mitigation. The review of the Town Plan to take into account Global Warming. These issues plus more need new ideas and renewed enthusiasm.

    It is time for the residents to have their say. It is time for a change. It is time to seize the moment.

    Therefore, I have no hesitation in endorsing Janine Aitken in Division 9. I am sure she will not disappoint you and will represent you honestly and you will know where she stands on issues.

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Anonymous said...

Dear ol Sno

past his use by date

but just wont go

but we people know

that its go sno go