Friday 14 March 2008

Spin is out of control

The dishonest Unity Team have a new TV commercial trying to fool you about their environmental credentials in the form of the 'cleaner seas initiative'.

It's enough to make you jump into a toxic Trinity Inlet.

According to the commercial, it seems that due to their unknown desire to protect the environment, Cairns City Council is now in the process of spending $120 million dollars to clean up discharge waters that flow to the reef.

And they are claiming all the credit for taking this initiative.

Let me tell you that the driving force behind this initiative was the State and Commonwealth Governments.

In fact, the Beattie government claims to have kick started the initiative. The council's own website confirms the real reason why the Cairns City Council has a cleaner seas initiative. It was required to upgrade its sewage treatment plants by the Coastal Management Act.

Yet Byrne wants to take the credit for doing what the Council is actually required to do by law.

Cleaning up the seas has been seriously on the Queensland and Australian agenda for at least a decade.

Here is the plan for moving forward. It is mainly about cleaning up the quality of other waters that flow into the reef.

Tell the truth Unity.


Anonymous said...

The EPA should inspect King Boobs mouth for toxicity ... rumours are that peasants shudder on his approach

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on picking up the Cleaner Seas Project story ! Not only is the clean-up a statutory requirement it'll also be funded by the State Government to the tune of up to 40% of Capital Costs and by a $ 10.90 surcharge on every Rates Notice sent out by Council. As the rates are sent twice yearly the 60,000 ratepayers ( an old figure - what's the score now ? ) are coughing up $21.80 a year. Will this be on every SuperCouncil Rate notice from now on including the poor buggers up the Daintree?
Another Council Initiative, perhaps more appropriately, laid at the feet of the late City Council as it fitted their pro-development ideology is the NeDA project: "National electronic Developmental Assessment" Cairns City Council sought and got approval to take leadership of this $7.2 million project which is aimed at making it easier for Small Business to get Planning Applications through the system avoiding redtape and paperfiles. Perhaps a case of " the Computer says:Yes "