Sunday 30 March 2008

Confusion for Tablelands Council merge

Some staff of the new Tablelands Regional Council have expressed confusion at how they may be relocated.
It's still uncertain where the various administration staff will be located on the Tablelands.
Talking to CairnsBlog on Friday, Atherton works department staff Lane and Victor, said a number are still uncertain of their future.
"I think the admin and office staff still don't know what's the future for them," Victor said.
"I don't know where the new administration will go yet. Some are still confused about what will happen."
The Works staff however confirmed that there was plenty of the usual duties to get on with.
"We need to carry of with what we were were doing last week. Not a lot has changed for us on the road," they said.
Sporting the old Atherton Shire Council yellow and green uniforms, including Council-issued shorts, they were amused at the suggestion by the Cairns Council bringing in mandatory long trousers.

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