Sunday, 16 March 2008

Peace walk this Tuesday

This Tuesday you're welcome to 'recruit for peace, not for war!'. Meet at City Place, 12 midday.
This is to mark five years since the beginning of occupation of Iraq.
The March will head to the Defence Force Recruitment centre in Lake Street.
Peace by Peace are demanding troops out of Iraq, support for Iraqi self-determination and reparations. They also seek withdrawal of Australian support for all US wars of aggression.


Anonymous said...

By our presence at this gathering we will send a message to the war mongerers that "Enough is Enough"

World War 1
World War 2
War OF Terror Iraq -Afghanistan
World War 3 next in line?
100's of millions dead ... for what ? ... Greed and Ego
We are all ONE ... Lets show it in our home,our community, our country,our world.

beat boy said...

sorry mike, nice sentiment, but this song is so far better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beat boy said...

and of course the best song from the best band of all time, NZ's own Koo-De-Tah!

i like to fart said...

this song was voted as the best song of the 1970s by a many-thousand strong survey of US and UK djs.

Anonymous said...

Suggested web reading
"Advancing the Cause of Peace" By Felicity Arbuthnot this article:

Anonymous said...

i still own koo de tah's, 'too young for promises' on 7-inch. Bought it off 4ca when they went CDs back in the mid 90's and flogged off all their records.

Also got Captain Sensible's 'Wot'.
'They said Captain... I said WOT!!'

Truly 2 songs that defined a generation.

ian said...

last anon, ohmigod!!! u have the original 7inch of TYFPs, how much do u want for it?????? I must have it!!

Anonymous said...

G'day Ian. Sorry, I too realise what a treasure I have in owning the original 'too young for promises'. I hadn't listend to it in years but whacked it on, and yes, it is a cracker of a tune.

Sorry mate, its not for sale.