Friday, 28 March 2008

Candidates declared

Ken Gorton, the Returning Officer for the Cairns Regional Council election, has declared this afternoon, the Notice of Election results. They are posted on the ECQ website and the successful candidates are:-

Mayor : Val Schier (Cairns 1st)
Div 1 : Paul Gregory (IND)
Div 2 : Nancy Lanskey (IND)
Div 3 : Robert Pyne (IND)
Div 4 : Kirsten Lesina (Cairns 1st)
Div 5 : Alan Blake (IND)
Div 6 : Linda Cooper (Cairns Unity)
Div 7 : Diane Forsyth (Cairns 1st)
Div 8 : Margaret Cochrane (IND)
Div 9 : Sno Bonneau (IND)
Div 10 : Julia Leu (IND)

A formal Declaration of the Poll will be held at 11am on Monday 31st March at the foyer of the Cairns Regional Council offices.


Anonymous said...

Not much of Unity left, just Linda (though two if you count their closet member; Sno).
Kevin Byrnes and Unity: Consigned to the garbage can of history. Good riddance to the lot of 'em!

Anonymous said...

Linda Cooper might as well declare herself independent. What is the point of being a "unity team" member when you're the only one! Doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

We shall see just who is "independent".

Tyson said...

The point, dear anons, is loyalty.

She ran as Unity and the people voted her in as such. It's as much loyalty to the constituents as it is to the team.

It's loyalty to the team ethos.

Now I'm no Unity supporter but they certainly aren't dead (or consigned to any garbage can) yet.

Unity Team Gone forever said...

Linda Cooper didn't get elected BECAUSE she was Unity team. Clearly the "Unity Team Brand" is now dead and worthless. She was elected because she was a "name" from the radio. Just like the ABC clown Maxine Mckew that beat John Howard in his electorate.

And as a journalist too, Ms. Cooper needs to resign as editor of the magazine as it is a clear conflict of interest.

Brian, Kewerra said...

Kinda Cooper hasn't been editor of (or owner) City Life magazine for around 2 years I think.....

ian said...

Linda Cooper got elected because she has charisma to burn, very, very high intelligence and a top reputation around town and voters responded to the undeniable power of these traits of Cooper, subconciously or consciously.

Anonymous said...

Yo Ian,

Cooper has "very very high intelligence"? This is easily refuted - SHE ALLIED HERSELF WITH KEVIN BYRNE AND HIS TEAM, WHO WERE ROUNDLY DEFEATED FOR THEIR GROSS ABUSE OF THE CITIZENS. She showed very LOW intelligence for not seeing how the citizens felt about what was happening. She obviously embraced these dysfunctional views. This has left her division with an impotent councillor and shattered reputation.

Not a position where charisma will be much of a help.

Anonymous said...

What ignorant nonsense. Linda Cooper ran on a Unity Team ticket, campaigned with Unity Team monies (who can forget her TV ads, which cost big $$$$$)and never pretended NOT to be in Kev Byrne's team. Cooper is definitely one of Byrne's people still in the Council. She knows, as well as we all do, that some of the "independents" are also Unity.

Anonymous said...

Linda ("where the bee sucks, there suck I") Cooper used her "intelligence" to go for the team with the big campaign bucks. Val's Cairns 1st Team had to put up so much of their own money for the campaign.
My understanding of Cooper is that she will "go with the strength" in the Council. She will be up and down, black and white, hither and thither and whither. She will be agin it, she will be pro it, she will be Arthur...she will be Martha. She will be with the blowing wind and where the bee sucks.

the prophet mohamed in a hot-tub with diedre ford said...

last anon's, u obviously aint met the lady in person!!!
The collective unconicousness or string-theory mechanices are strong things. She got elected didn't she? I didn't see her ads. Intelligent people could not give a shit about politics, only investment and then the sweet return. As if the average Cairns resident gives a shite or even knows if Cooper is with Unity, they care about the Cowboys or their desire to buy a big-screen TV. Don't u fret about not having a big-screen TV, if u don't have one? U do!
And if Cooper was one of Byrne's people, then that is a good thing cos, shock & horror, KB is a decent dude.

& wots the story with the upper-case?? Offensive or wot, don't flame dude or dudette!

the prohphet mohamed said...

to useless anon, (make up a name at least), KB and Unity being roundly defeated - this is just your opinion, which you presented as fact in your post - please qualify and don't embarrass urself as not understanding grammar. Do u understand wot I mean by this, your opinion, I'm sorry 2 burst your bubble, is not fact! Qualify your language b4 use.
KB only lost by 653 votes by the way - can u explain how u got 'roundly defeated' from this? U can't, bcause u r under informed about what u r talking about.

the real and true prohphet said...

Mr. Prohphet:

"Roundly defeated" is absolutely correct. The leader (herr byrne) was defeated by a novice. Only one councillor was elected out of 10 seats (10%). The last federal election was said to be a landslide, when the leader was defeated and the coalition retained some 65 seats in parliament (about 40%).

Defeating incumbent politicians is always difficult - especially when the incumbents outspend the challengers by tens of thousands of dollars.

"Roundly defeated" is probably a gross understatement, factually speaking.

Byrne had his arse kicked. Even if he had one, he was emasculated as a leader and would have faced a hostile council. That's why he so quickly abdicated after the election, crocodile tears and all.

that 40yo chick who was fkkn mohamed and who taught 25yo prophet mohamed all that old mesopotamia shit that he then in turn use for poltical gain said...

to real mohamed or woteva, lol!!! hook, line & sinker! Wot r Aussies comin 2 when they can't smell a stir?
shit, there is life & a world out of Cairns!
Again lol!!

ladytron said...

Mohamed is that dude from South Park, right?

Anonymous said...

You people need to get out a bit more, what a bunch of small town losers - wasting your life discussing the local council of a tiny northern town. That is so funny, and really sad.

Anonymous said...

I am fairly well pleased with the result of the Cairns Council Election.The only point that would have made it perfect,would have been for Gregory,Blake and Bonneau to have got the bullet as well.These three have been in for eight years and have done nothing constructive in that time,they are also past members of the now shattered Unity Team.
Also I trust Cochrane will accept the position of Deputy Mayor.