Saturday 15 March 2008


Division 3

Robert PYNE 3,626
Terry JAMES 2,134

Division 5

Alan BLAKE 1,803
Richie BATES 1,344

Division 4

Paul FREEBODY 2,450
Kirsten LESINA 2,345

Division 6

Linda COOPER 2,496
Mark BUTTROSE 1,853

Division 10

JOHNSTON, Pete 532
PHILLPOT, Dixie 267
HANLY, Danny 220
LEU, Julia 2,829
DAVIS, Rod 451
COX, Melinda 260
PITT, George 598


Anonymous said...

Kirsten Lesina should win that division from what I saw of preferences.

Anonymous said...

Final FOR Election Night. I guess the count continues tomorrow. Amazing how Council could run an election and finish the count ON election night, now the State ECQ knocks off at 8:30pm. Bunch of ****ers.

Anonymous said...

How's Syd going?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kirsten Lesina for running such a close call to Peabody. You did well. At least there will now be enough decent councillors to keep a tight rein on his antics.I'll vote for you next time as well.

Anonymous said...

Alan Blake is a slimy+slippery
snake.. doesn't not deserve to win.
Richie Bates put in all the hard work. He's the honest one..and wow, what a smile. So so sorry that Richie didn't win.
(from a Richie fan)

Anonymous said...

re: Alan being 'slimy'

May I point you towards the "Most respected Councilor" poll a few months back. I think the numbers speak for themselves.

One day sit down, and have an actual chat with Alan. I think you may find your attitude may change towards him.

Richie put up a good fight. It was a tough Division to win. Just quietly... I'm just glad catyh palth didn't get in ;)