Sunday 23 March 2008

Late Night Kids

Time Out, the Cairns Post's entertainment weekly, thought children should be allowed up past their bedtime for the upcoming Hi-5 children's show.

In the current edition, they report that the popular kid's show starts at 10:30pm - at night. In fact, it reads as if the show goes right through the night until 2:30pm the following day!

I hope they can get a babysitter for the parents.

Don't wait up. Might have a beer or two at Brothers afterwards, and a spin at the pokie.

PS: The real times for Hi-5 are listed on the CairnsBlog calendar in our sidebar on the right.


Anonymous said...

The High 5 crew are getting a bit long in the tooth maybe they aiming for a older audience

The X rated High 5 show....I would pay to see that

Anonymous said...

At least they knew what day it was.